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British Wind Farms Are Over Subsidised And Wasteful Of Public Money

British Wind Farms are "over subsidised and wasteful of public money" - PM David Cameron

Finally, at long last the politicians have woken up and smelt the coffee, Green energy and jobs are just an expensive mirage, the public know and now the politicians realise the public know.

Time for a political damage limitation exercise, Cameron and all the other erstwhile believers in Climate Religion will never admit their gullibility in believing the warming alarmists scary lies about Anthropogenic Global Warming, but as politicians they need an exit strategy from the Church of Climatology.

So expect a 50:50 mix of criticism like Cameron’s words at Prime Ministers Question Time which were later followed by the classic there are “perfectly hard-headed reasons” for still building wind farms, expect the “hard headed reasons” to be mentioned less and less as the politicians slither away from the Green Dream. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Is Toast If He Is Charged

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg -He and David Cameron would have to take a view if Huhne is charged

The Prime Minister has confidence in the Energy Secretary” says a Downing Street spokeswoman, which effectively means that Huhne is toast if he is charged with perverting the course of justice, cast iron Dave now only has confidence in the Minister for Climate Religion and bird choppers, somewhere along the line “every” has become a political casualty.

Huhne has always maintained that he will hang to his cabinet position if charged, Cameron has now made it clear that he will make the decision not Huhne. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Hune – Crown Prosecution Service Request More Evidence From Essex Police

The Crown Prosecution Service has requested more evidence from Essex Police in their investigation into allegations that Chris “Family Values” Huhne got his estranged wife Vicky Pryce to take penalty points for a speeding offence that Huhne committed.

Since the whole story started Huhne has tried to hide behind his family, using various tactics to try to protect his career; this culminated with Essex Police on July 2nd raiding Price’s home and seizing a mobile phone belonging to their 18 year old son.

The CPS have had the file on Huhne and now they are requesting more evidence from Essex Police: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne – File Passed To CPS, Cameron And Clegg Have Cabinet Reshuffle Planned

Chris Huhne and a speed camera irony?

Essex Police have passed a file on Chris Huhne and the alleged “Perverting the Course of Justice” charge to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Huhne’s political life has been hanging by a thread for the past few weeks, the latest news that Dave and Nick Clegg have prepared a Cabinet reshuffle should Huhne be charged: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne – Police Open Channels With Crown Prosecution Service

A picture worth 3 words - Huhne is Toast

The noose around Chris Huhne continues to tighten slowly with the news that Police investigating allegations that Huhne got his ex-wife Vicky Price to take speeding penalty points instead of him, have opened channels of communication with the Crown Prosecution Service, though as yet Read the rest of this entry