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Climate Activists Want To Keep Remote Indian Villiages In The Dark

Climate Activists are trying to stop remote Indian villiages in the Sundarbans regions from having grid based electricty, envioronmentalists says the village can omly have intermittent renewable enegy.

Climate Activists are trying to stop remote Indian villages in the Sundarbans region from having grid based electricity, environmentalists say the village can only have intermittent renewable enegy.

The left are forever apologising for the British Empire and colonialism, yet at the very first chance to start imposing Green neo-liberal Colonial policies on the developing world. the environmental movement never hesitate to become Green colonial masters.

Take for example the way the Greens tell everyone how to live their lives, one part of the great global warming boondoggle is promoted by caring sharing Oxfam, who once wanted to end world poverty and hunger, but has in recent years suborned this desire in favour of jumping on the AGW band wagon. This leads to a conflict of interest, for the poorer countries to improve their standard of living and join the 21st Century, there needs to be progress, economic growth and a constant reliable electricity supply.

In the Sundarbans region of India another Green NGO, CUTS International is working hard to ensure that the people of this region should be denied any chance to join the 21st Century: Read the rest of this entry