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Czech Republic Abandons Renewables For Coal

The state of renewable energy in the Czech Republic as the Government abandons renewables for coal.

The state of renewable energy in the Czech Republic as the Government abandons renewables for coal, in order to maintain the country’s international competitiveness

The rapid disintegration of the EU’s Climate Policy continues as the Czech Republic decides to abandon costly and unreliable renewable energy and double it’s use of coal, a policy that puts the country in direct confrontation with the EU.

In July the Czech Government approved a law  to stop subsidies for new renewables projects at the end of 2013, it was known as far back as 2010 that the cost of Green subsidies was going to cause problems for the economy.

Now the Green Dream is virtually extinct in the Czech Republic, dying to the wail of the Green NGO’s and renewable energy boondogglers who as usual are threatening legal action to keep those Green taxpayer funded subsidies rolling in: Read the rest of this entry

Vaclav Klaus The Last European

By Tory Aardvark

Who is Vaclav Klaus?


In most cases you will probably have never heard of him unless you are a political blogger or have a keen intertest in European Politics.

President Klaus is the last man standing between us and the disaster that is the Lisbon Treaty.

On the other hand, President Klaus remains far more popular than his ministers. Although Czechs are not especially interested in the details of the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty, 65 per cent of them back their president. Czechs are a proud people, and they resent being pushed around. Can you blame them? It was recently reported that the German Ambassador to Prague had called in the President of the Czech Supreme Court and told him to bring to a swift conclusion the legal challenge against Lisbon. Meanwhile, a senior German MEP called Jo Leinen has called for Mr Klaus to be impeached if he doesn’t sign.

The arrogance of the Socialist Eurocrat MP calling for the President of a Soverign Country to be impeached for daring to disagree with her; another indication of what lies ahead for the UK in the United Socialist States of Europe.

If you want to support President Klaus then click here, here or here