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Eco Sheep In The Cooling Towers

Shepherd Trouble is, sheep are very dim. Once they get an idea in their ‘eads, there’s no shiftin’ it.

Tourist: But where did they get the idea?

Shepherd: From Harold. He’s that most dangerous of creatures, a clever sheep.

The Shepherd is actually wrong the most dangerous sheep are eco sheep, they have an idea in their heads which is also their belief system, a few sound bytes of Green rhetoric as slogans and its off to the power station or oil rig to cause disruption of production, as the Greens demonstrate for what they ludicrously call the public interest.

On Monday a group of 30 eco sheep occupied a new gas power station at West Burton in Nottinghamshire, 15 of the eco sheep climbed 2 of the chimneys and setup camp with enough supplies they claim, to last them for a week.

The whole incident has passed off largely unnoticed by the MSM with the exception of the Guardian which carried a post from one of the eco sheep in Comment is Free: Read the rest of this entry

Britain To Build 20 New Gas Fired Powerstations

Britain is to build 20 gas fired power stations which according to Greenpeace will prevent the country from achieving its Carbon targets

The Dash for Gas picked up speed today with the news that Britain is build 20 new gas fired power stations which will add 20GW of generating capacity to the national grid.

The statement from Climate Change secretary Ed Davey has upset Greenpeace who have started moaning about something called Carbon Targets being unattainable, Carbon Targets used to be the approved Green way of de-industrialising western civilisation until the term fell into disuse in mainstream politics. Read the rest of this entry

Green Company Joins The Dash For Gas

A Green company is working side by side with Caudrilla in the Dash for Gas

This is an interesting story given the normal Green hysteria and total opposition to fracking and shale gas, a Green company that is working side by side with Caudrilla on fracking.

In the US fracking and shale gas have created an energy boom, electricity prices are typically 75% less than in Europe, hundreds of thousands of real lasting jobs have been created and the whole industry has been funded by private venture capital with not $1 dollar of taxpayer funded Green subsidy.

The minimal cost of shale gas has terrified the Greens, their beloved wind and solar cannot compete on cost and are only kept alive by taxpayer funded Green subsidies, when the subsidy is cut or reduced then the renewables industry immediately goes in to a downturn, because their industry is not real, it is propped up by Governments enforcing taxation on energy bill payers. Read the rest of this entry

Last Gasp Greens – Britain Must Give Up The Dash For Gas

The dash for gas must be ended say the ecomentalists, the future is unrealible heavily subsidised wind and solar

The reality has still to set in for the ecomentalists, no one is listening, no one cares what you say and the whole Green ecomentalist movement is peripheral to everything these days.

Global warming, climate change, climate disruption, sustainable development whatever the ever changing scam was all about, died at Rio+20 so the same old tired calls for Green energy and CO2 emissions cuts are just so much worn out Green rhetoric.

Poor Fiona Harvey at the Guardian, her whole reason for being, the centre of her personal belief system has fallen apart and she is having trouble adjusting to a post Rio+20 world: Read the rest of this entry

Green NGOs Very Upset By George Osborne’s Budget

Chancellor George Osborne delivers his Budget 2012 speech in the House of Commons. Photograph Press Association

Chancellor George Osborne signalled the start of the dash for gas in today’s Budget speech in the House of Commons, backed up with a £3 billion allowance for new gas and oil fields to the west of the Shetland Islands.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the  marxist  agrarian ecomentalists was almost immediate, with the usual chorus of Green jobs,  low carbon economy, CO2 emissions targets,  the old worn out lie that fossil fuel prices will only ever rise, and usual, completely ignoring shale gas and fracking. Read the rest of this entry