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IPCC Scientist Concedes: ‘It’s Nonsense To Drastically Reduce Emissions’

Dr Jan Pretel is the director of the Climate Change Department of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, and until 2009 he was the leading Czech scentist in the hugely discredited IPCC.

Now Dr Pretel describes the carbon emissions reduction plans so beloved of Dave and our Vichy Government as “nonsensical” Read the rest of this entry

Did The Coaltion Surpress The Met Office Forecast For A Bad Winter In The Run Up To COP16

The Met Office forecast to the Cabinet Office was directly opposite to the one issued to the public

There are many things wrong with this Coaltion Vichy Government, head and shoulders above it all is the disproportionate influence the LibDems have on policy, given their numbers in Cabinet.

Worse than even Little Nicky Clegg, is Chris Huhnatic, who with Dave is hellbent on keeping the great AGW scam alive in Britain, no matter what the cost is to industry, families and the elderly.

Energy poverty means nothing to Dave Huhnatic, all the matters is blind adherance to Climate Religion.

Last winter was a disaster thanks to the Met Office, this year they issued 2 forecasts, one of the Cabinet Office predicting a severe start to the winter, the other for mugs like us was the usual load of warming alarmist lies about a mild winter. Read the rest of this entry

2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 7 August

July, the Vichy government is starting to show its Green credentials and a willingness to undermine the energy security of this country, and commit millions of people to energy poverty.

All so Dave can run the Greenest government ever.

August would prove to be a more interesting month as the decline in belief in Climate Relgion accelerated and rumours abounded about an obese sex poodle Read the rest of this entry