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UK Guardian – BBC Exaggerated Climate Change In David Attenborough’s Africa

Warming Alarmist David Attenborough cheery picked data from an obscure 2006 to exaggerate the effects of  climate change in Africa

Warming Alarmist David Attenborough cheery picked data from an obscure 2006 report to exaggerate the effects of climate change in Africa

Here we go again, history repeats itself, the BBC and David Attenborough wildly exaggerating the supposed effects of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The BBC has consistently broadcast Climate Change propaganda, so committed to the Green boondoggle is the BBC that they have declared the debate to be over with Climate Change skeptics, the BBC’s charter requirement of impartiality ignored in pursuit of Climate Religion, and all paid for by an  annual television tax.

Attenborough’s last production Frozen Planet was heavily criticised for faking shots of zoo polar bears, as wild animals, and the final episode was nothing more then Green AGW fear propaganda. The Discovery Channel and other international buyers of the Frozen Planet decided not to buy that particular program.

The final episode of Attenborough’s latest series Africa was broadcast in Britain last night, and just like Frozen Planet it was nothing more than the usual Green fare of doom and Armageddon for Africa, as according to Attenborough temperatures in the continent have increased 3.5C in the last 20 years.

That claim was  a claim too far, even for the Guardian, Leo Hickman writes: Read the rest of this entry

David Attenborough The Warming Alarmist

David Attenborough on side at the BBC, a propaganda machine for climate-change zealots

The final episode of Frozen Planet, probably the finest Natural History documentary ever made was a sad occasion, sad because David Attenborough, the face of Natural History to millions of people ceased to be that, instead, losing all objectivity Attenborough produced a program that is in line with the BBC’s one sided view on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The BBC have decided that no air time should be given to climate change sceptics, as in the words of a report commissioned for the BBC the evidence is overwhelming, this policy clashes head on with the BBC’s statutory duty for reporting to be impartial.

As the COP17 failure grinds slowly onwards the BBC has kept the output of warming alarmist propaganda programs going, a few nights ago on BBC4 the program Around the World in 60 minutes looked to be interesting. Shot from the International Space Station which orbits the planet every 90 minutes it promised some stunning footage, instead we were treated to the  usual bunch of warming alarmists preaching about CO2 emissions, Environmental Armageddon and the increasingly popular Climate Justice give all our money away diatribe.

The final episode of Frozen Planet was not a big seller in the international market, the Discovery Channel for example declined  to buy it, so did many other countries, as they thought the program was less than objective and would have no audience in their country: Read the rest of this entry