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UK David Cameron Culls Greens From Government

UK Prime minister David Cameron's days of bothering huskies are over. He may still have a wind turbine on the roof of his house.

UK Prime minister David Cameron’s days of bothering huskies are over.

The year is 2007 and the whole world is in the grip of global warming fear, the Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle has almost reached its high water mark and every slimy, self serving politician across the globe is scrambling to be Green.

What is perceived to be vote winning Green tokenism runs amok, so much so that in the UK opposition leader David Cameron has a small wind turbine installed on the side of his house so the whole world can be assured of his Green credentials. This was short lived display of Dave’s Green credentials as the builders put the turbine in the wrong place and breached the planning consent as Cameron’s home is in a conservation area, it is difficult not to laugh when a stunt blows up in a politicians face.

The problem faced by all those politicians that were conned by the junk science of the warming alarmists is how to distance themselves from something voters across the western world no longer buy in to, or even worry about anymore.

No politician is ever going to hold up their hand and say “I was wrong“, instead Green issues are quietly dropped from the Agenda and the heretical voices of the non believers in Climate Religion start to be heard.

In a major Cabinet reshuffle in preparation for the forthcoming General Election, Cameron has quietly culled the believers in Climate Religion from the Government, and as to be expected the UK Guardian is outraged: Read the rest of this entry


The Green Stupidity Of David Cameron

Call Me Dave suspects that the recent storms that have hit the UK are linked to Global Warming but he is not sure. So why say anything?

Call Me Dave suspects that the recent storms that have hit the UK are linked to Global Warming but he is not sure. So why say anything?

Green stupidity still occasionally holds sway at the highest levels of government in some countries in the EU, as was amply demonstrated by British Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons yesterday.

Fortunately not all countries in the EU are saddled with politicians who are nothing more than molluscs, liberally dipped in snake oil, The Czech Republic and Poland for example, have politicians who long ago decided being Green was stupid and have since put the interests of their citizens ahead of trying to earn personal Green credentials on the world stage.

In the run up to the General Election in 2010 which Cameron failed to win, one of Cameron’s big spin lines was that, He (Cameron) was the natural heir to Tony Blair, yep truly something to aspire to being, a socialist war monger, can there be any higher aspirational goal?

Cameron blows hot and cold on the Climate Change boondoggle, during the COP19 fiasco in Warsaw last November Cameron was allegedly wandering about muttering darkly about “Green crap” in response to rising consumer anger about energy prices, and the ever increasing cost of renewable energy subsidies.

Yesterday was obviously a hot day for Global Warming in Cameron world Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron – “Britain Must Be At The Heart Of Shale Gas Revolution”

British Prime Minster David Cameron “We should take part in fracking because this might be a revolution and if we ignored it completely we could be giving our economy much higher energy prices than would otherwise be necessary.”

British Prime Minster David Cameron “We should take part in fracking because this might be a revolution and if we ignored it completely we could be giving our economy much higher energy prices than would otherwise be necessary.”

Finally David Cameron has broken his silence on Climate Change, after a chequered history involving bothering huskies and putting a bijou bird chopper on his roof, Dave has finally woken up to the economic political reality of the Green dream, it is totally unaffordable.

More importantly though, because Dave is a politician, high energy prices do not win votes or create jobs, which also win votes, once being Green was sort of a vote winner now as COP18 has demonstrated the whole AGW boondoggle is dead, and politicians have a severe aversion to hanging around dead political agendas.

The economic benefits of the shale gas revolution in the USA are well known, only in Europe have the Greens managed to delay fracking because it is not politically correct and approved Green tokenism: Read the rest of this entry

WWF “David Cameron Must Break His Silence On Climate Change”

Dave bothering a husky on Svalbard in 2006 on a trip organised by impartial environment group WWF

The world was a different place in 2006, the Anthropogenic Global Warming fad was still new and shiny, when the WWF took then leader of Her Majesty’s opposition David “Call me Dave” Cameron to Svalbard to see the effects of man made global warming in the Arctic.

Cameron like any other vote seeking politician saw the Green fear stories of man made environmental holocaust as a vote winner, and before long Dave was bothering huskies, putting wind turbines on his roof and having the Conservative Party logo changed to a green tree; Vote Blue Go Green was the crass logo on Conservative Party T-shirts of the time.

Cameron along with Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown and many other leading politicians were instrumental in crafting and getting the disastrous Climate Change Act 2008 passed by Parliament.

When the Vichy coalition government was formed Dave was going to be the “fourth minister” at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Read the rest of this entry

Tory MPs Tell David Cameron To Cut Green Taxes For WindFarms

Tory MPs are joining forces in a new group pressing for the Government to review funding for a technology they argue does “more harm than good”

The disproportionate influence of the Lib  Dems on the coalition government has been clearly shown in many fudged policy decisions, the worst of which is the whole renewables crusade driven entirely by Chris Huhne and his insane personal desire to have 32,000 on shore bird choppers.

The coalition government is shaky at best, if this were not the case then the disingenuous Huhne would not have lasted so long, Huhne has in fact achieved nothing but promoting his Climate Religion and helped line the pockets of those rich enough to own enough land to have a windfarm cash generater that pays when it generates electricty, and also pays when it does not generate electricty.

British windfarms have been paid millions of pounds to not generate electricity, which Huhne seems to think is reasonable and provides cost effective power, most probably because Greenpeace, WWF and FoE told Huhne that Green subsidised energy is cheap, politically correct and wholly endorsed by the Church of Climatology.

Now, at last MPs are hearing the uproar about the whole Green renewables scam, well at least Tory MPs are, don’t expect any opposition from the Green socialists in the Labour and Lib Dem parties.
Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Is Toast If He Is Charged

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg -He and David Cameron would have to take a view if Huhne is charged

The Prime Minister has confidence in the Energy Secretary” says a Downing Street spokeswoman, which effectively means that Huhne is toast if he is charged with perverting the course of justice, cast iron Dave now only has confidence in the Minister for Climate Religion and bird choppers, somewhere along the line “every” has become a political casualty.

Huhne has always maintained that he will hang to his cabinet position if charged, Cameron has now made it clear that he will make the decision not Huhne. Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron And The Green Backlash

The solar industry and WWF whinge about not getting their hands on more tax payers money

David Cameron faces a Green backlash from the cuts of the ludicrously generous (42p per KwH) feed in tariff for solar energy trumpets the independent and various other mouthpieces for Green propaganda.

Described by Climate Minister Greg Barker as morally wrong, the feedin tariffs are due to be cut from December 12th 2011, and not before time with 6 millions households facing energy poverty it is indeed morally wrong to expect every household in the country to provide the funding and risk removal from the economically unviable Renewables Industry.

The backlash apparently consists of 55 individuals and groups with a vested interest in getting their hands on taxpayers money for risk free profits or pushing their Green Marxist agenda, organised by Friends of The Earth and the Cut Dont Kill campaign, it must be said that 55 entities hardly constitutes much of a backlash: Read the rest of this entry

Britain – The Real Cost Of Cameron And Huhne’s Green Policies

Leaked EU report - electricity price rises for next 20 years because of renewables

Yesterday Cameron and Huhne stage managed a summit with the big 6 energy companies as the fall guys for the recent massive increases in the costs of gas and electricity, the increased costs were of course nothing to do with the Green taxes and other carbon taxing lunacy.

Huhne took time off from telling consumers they were lazy in not switching tariffs to say that the cost of Green policies to families was only £20 a year, when most estimates from a range of sources put the real cost at £100 a year minimum.

Business have warned the government of the costs of Green policies again, and again, with the exception of Chancellor George Osborne these pleas from business have fallen on deaf ears.

The future for energy costs and the financial outlook for Britain is grim, and the more wind farms there are the worse it will get: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Scam – David Cameron Very Worried About Cost Of Green Policies

The face of the Greenest Government Ever; talk to the hand the face is not listening

The Greenest Ever Dave is a very worried man, very worried, because the Climate Religion he bought into is in ruins, the Climate Religion that David Cameron believed he could derive some political gain from has crashed and burned.

Cameron and Huhne were warned by the Confederation of British Industry that their Green energy policies were killing jobs and the recovery, Cameron and Huhne ignored them; next the Manufacturers Association issued a similar warning, and  again Cameron and Huhne were deaf.

Now the Greenest Ever Dave is very worried because one of his senior political advisers is saying what many bloggers and journalists have been saying for the last year: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines Epic Fail When It Is Cold, Epic Fail When It Is Hot

Wind Turbines don't work when it is cold, don't work when it is hot

The wind turbine  one of the most sacred symbols of the Church of Climatology, these blots on the landscape blight communities, kill birds en masse and generate very little electricity when demand is at its peak.

In the recent very cold winter in Britain the wind farms actually consumed more energy than they produced, while in Canada a $200 million dollar wind farm was frozen solid for weeks.

In the United States Texas is in the grip of a heat wave which has set record demands for electricity and as usual the wind farms have failed spectacularly: Read the rest of this entry