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David Miliband The Real Photo Nymph They Tried To Hide

Some Twitter activity about a photograph showing the losing Milibland brother in front of the famous picture of the tennis player scratching her butt.

Click here for what is being claimed is the real picture; however Aardvark has obtained the original photograph which shows that David Milibland has issues with Ed Miliband and that all is not forgiven or forgotten. Read the rest of this entry

What Does The Future Hold For David Miliband?

Happier times for the brothers bland

The result of the Labour leadership contest has killed David Milibands Westminster career stone dead, if this had been a war then the elder Miliband brother is what they politely call “collateral damage” when a bomb goes astray.

Had the result been reversed then Ed as the younger brother could have stayed on and had his turn later when David stepped down, but it is difficult to see how there is a Westminster future for David Miliband for both political and personal reasons. Read the rest of this entry

Lockerbie Bomber Scottish Government Under Pressure

The remarkably long lived Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi

The ongoing storm over the ill judged release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi took a new turn today with calls for the Scottish Parliament to name the doctors whose advice resulted in the early release on compassionate grounds of the convicted terrorist.

Released in August 2009 al-Megrahi was supposed to only have 3 months to live. Read the rest of this entry

Labour Leadership Now It’s Hilary Clinton’s Toy Boy Vs The Climate Change Nut

Hilary Clintons toyboy and a Climate Change nut, the inspiring choice for Labour Party Leader

After much speculation little Eddie Milichump has thrown his hat into the ring and will be standing against big brother Davey Milichump.

Neither is a spectacularly inspiring candidate.

David Miliband who like everyone else in the Cabinet had the backbone of a mollusc when it came to unseating Gordon Brown, a man for whom terrorism is acceptable and whose most recent claim to fame is his ability to make a post menopausal Hilary Clinton moist.

Ed Miliband is the Climate Change nut, his department the DECC was rebuked over the fear based brainwashing on man made Climate Change. At Copenhagen Ed Miliband was fully supportive of the one world socialist government suggested by Ethiopia, beaten to his feet in rapture only by Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy.

As recently as the end of March Ed Miliband was desperately trying to get the whole AGW scam going again.

Will there be other contenders to the legacy of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown or will this be a Cain and Able contest of biblical proportions?