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Huhne & DECC Refuse FOI About Costs Of Renewable Energy

Chris Huhne "There is no such increase in the cost to families, but what there are is a load of rather silly think tanks"

The debate about the cost of renewable energy has become major headline news with on one side Chris Huhne and his Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) declaring that Green taxation or Feedin Tariffs wont add anything to the cost of energy bills in 2020, in fact in Huhne’s world people will be better off, and on the other side of the debate many think tanks and economists think that renewables will have added £250 – £400 a year to energy bills.

MP Dominic Raab submitted a Freedom of Information request to DECC about the costs of renewable energy, DECC refused the request saying they did not have the information.

Policy Exchange has published a report estimating the cost of renewables in 2020 on energy bills will be £400: Read the rest of this entry