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DPP Says Tory plans to scrap Human Rights Act would bring shame on Britain

By Tory Aardvark

Keir Starmer appointed by Baroness Scotland

Keir Starmer appointed by Baroness Scotland

The Director of Public Prosecutions is supposed to be a politically netutral position, yet here we have a former human rights lawyer appointed by Baroness Scotland who is now criticising the policies of a political party. This is unheard of and will ultimately bring the office of the DPP into disrepute.

Starmer’s appointment runs until 2013, so he has already put himself at odds with the Conservatives should they win the General Election which is looking increasingly likely.

However in an outspoken speech last night to mark his first 12 months as DPP, Mr Starmer set his face against any change to the current law and said it was a “lie” to describe the legislation as a “criminals’ charter”.
He said: “I find myself in difficulty when I hear talk of the need to ‘re-engineer’ or ‘rebalance’ the criminal justice system. Such talk usually emerges after a particularly questionable decision which receives undue notoriety.

Starmer should now resign as he has polluted his tenure as DPP by taking political sides, but like his boss the Attorney General he will continue on regardless.

There is very little of our Government that Labour sleaze has not ruined or tainted, the General Election cannot come soon enough so that the cancer of the Political Elite can be removed.