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The Truth Behind Earth Day April 22nd 2012

April 22nd 2012 the ecomentalists will be banging gongs, barking at the moon, planning new gulags for sceptics and discussing new ways to suppress discussion and dissent about Climate Religion

The warming alarmists and ecomentalists are staging Earth Day on April 22nd 2012 where they will continue the shift towards “sustainable development“, as well as, pushing the generational divide in the same way that Chairman Mao did with the Cultural Revolution which encouraged children to inform on their parents to the Communist Authorities, and continuing on the youth theme,¬† seek to appoint guardians for unborn generations who doubtless want a Green marxist agrarian society though they don’t actually¬† know it yet.

There will be the usual tired claims about a future of limitless Green energy powered by solar and wind, totally ignoring what happens when the wind ceases to blow and the big orange ball in the sky sinks below the horizon, while the ecotards communicate with the world using products made only possible by fossil fuels and powered by dirty coal and gas fired power stations.

Earth Day’s junior event, Earth Hour was a non event this year continuing its ongoing annual decline, how big Earth Day is remains to be seen.

This is the 42nd Earth Day and this is good time to look at the mindset of the people behind Earth Day and their accomplices in the Great Global Warming Scam: Read the rest of this entry