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2013 Will Be The Worst Year For Warmists Since Records Began

The only international agreement on being terrified of CO2, the Kyoto Protocol finshed at the end of 2012.

The only international agreement on being terrified of CO2, the Kyoto Protocol finished at the end of 2012. With no chance of a new Kyoto Treaty being signed up to by the major emitters 2012 ended with another nail hammered into the Green coffin.

2012 was an unprecedented year of disaster and defeat for the Greens and warming alarmists, it was a year that on the face of it offered much hope to the watermelons, in June there was going to be  the Rio+20 Earth Summit, COP18 in Doha was going to build on the progress of COP17 and the Durban Platform and the European Union was going to single-handedly enforce a flying tax on the world.

Instead it all went to hell in solar powered hand cart, as Green defeat followed Green defeat.

On January 1st 2012 the EU announced the start of its Green flying tax on all flights in and out of the EU, as global opposition to the Green tax mounted, Comrade Connie Hedegaard, the EU’s unelected Climate Commissar remained bullish and insisted that the world would bow down to her Green will.

Many nations including the US, China and India prohibited their airlines from taking part in the EU flying tax amid threats of a trade war, particularly from China. Finally in November Hedegaard and the EU backed down and suspended their Green flying tax for forever 12 months.

The Rio+20 Earth summit held the promise of the  chance to relive the glory days of warming alarmism: Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 The UN Sustainable Development Scam Fails

The Rio+20 UN circus has ended in yet another failure, the switch from the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam to the sustainable development scam has failed crashed and burned.

The duplicitous Green NGOs like WWF, Greenpeace and FoE are outraged at the Earth Summit failure, their outrage is not so much that their dream of the Green Agrarian Society has been dashed, more that, the Green NGOs were not consulted and not invited to take part in the process.

Greenpeace et al have no one but themselves to blame, they long ago abandoned any pretence at science, caring for the environment or the wildlife they were formed to protect, instead they got behind the great Green con trick of all time, man made climate change.

Now as the whole Climate Change/sustainable development scam has collapsed, those most involved in pushing the junk science and never ending fear stories, have learnt the hard way,  the cost of continually crying wolf, people just ignore you. Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 Another Epic Failure Looms

Even the most optimistic of the warming alarmists can see another UN slow motion car crash happening at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, following on from 3 spectacular COP failures in a row, Rio+20 is probably the UN and the Green environmental zealots last chance to force Agenda 21 on an unwilling world.

The people who attend these conferences claim to care about the planet, preach the Green low carbon lifestyle, and at least twice a year tens of thousands of ecowarriors generate huge amounts of the CO2 they fear so much when they get together to save the planet from people like us, enjoying the same 21st Century lifestyle as the Green zealots.

Hypocrisy has always been the very essence of Climate Religion, by their own values and stated ideals emitting this amount of CO2 is obscene and very damaging to the planet they claim to be saving for us, the Greens had a golden opportunity to practice what they preach with Ri0+20 and use modern means of communication, instead they have chosen to fly, use limos and stay in expensive air conditioned hotels.

Not very Green, or sustainable according to their preaching, but this is the environmental movement and the UN working together in tandem, so lies, corruption and hypocrisy will abound in Rio. Read the rest of this entry

Is Rio+20 Sustainable?

The future we want, we being the UN, Green NGOs, environmentalists seeking the Green agrarian society with no growth economic models and draconian laws to protect Gaia.

The Rio+20 Earth Summit in June was supposed to be the relaunch of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scare, carefully rebranded as “sustainable development“, the aims of “sustainable development” are the same as those for the manufactured climate change scam, zero growth economic models, population control and a return to a pre-indsutrialised world.

Even before the rebranding had started, world leaders like Barry Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron had more pressing engagements, Cameron citied the Queens Jubilee, so the date of Rio+20 was changed so Dave could go, he still is not going,  “Little Nicky” Clegg,  the deputy Prime Minister will attend instead.

According to the spin of the environmentalists it is only the Big Satan, the USA that resists the global economic suicide pact they so desire, all the developing nations are fully behind the Green zero economic growth economy: Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 & What Sustainable Development Really Means

The future for Britain and the industrialised world as "sustainable development" enforced by a one world UN government takes hold. Picture by Jo Turner

The new name for the objectives of what was once called Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption, Weather Weirding is sustainable development.

Sustainable development is not a new idea, it first featured in Agenda 21 the UN plan for one world government in the 21st Century, which was the outcome of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

Now 20 years on the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June has dropped Anthropogenic Global Warming as the driver for its crusade and resuscitated sustainable development, with the added extras of guardians of the future and a new crime of ecocide.

Sustainable development on the face of it sounds a friendly enough idea, and conjures up visions, as it is supposed to do of people replacing trees that are cut down with new trees, but,  and this is the big but of all time, sustainable development means different things to different people.

At the opening of the Rio Earth Summit in 1992: Read the rest of this entry

The Truth Behind Earth Day April 22nd 2012

April 22nd 2012 the ecomentalists will be banging gongs, barking at the moon, planning new gulags for sceptics and discussing new ways to suppress discussion and dissent about Climate Religion

The warming alarmists and ecomentalists are staging Earth Day on April 22nd 2012 where they will continue the shift towards “sustainable development“, as well as, pushing the generational divide in the same way that Chairman Mao did with the Cultural Revolution which encouraged children to inform on their parents to the Communist Authorities, and continuing on the youth theme,  seek to appoint guardians for unborn generations who doubtless want a Green marxist agrarian society though they don’t actually  know it yet.

There will be the usual tired claims about a future of limitless Green energy powered by solar and wind, totally ignoring what happens when the wind ceases to blow and the big orange ball in the sky sinks below the horizon, while the ecotards communicate with the world using products made only possible by fossil fuels and powered by dirty coal and gas fired power stations.

Earth Day’s junior event, Earth Hour was a non event this year continuing its ongoing annual decline, how big Earth Day is remains to be seen.

This is the 42nd Earth Day and this is good time to look at the mindset of the people behind Earth Day and their accomplices in the Great Global Warming Scam: Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 Summit Drops Climate Change From Agenda

To avoid too much confrontation the UN has dropped Climate Change from the summit agenda

After the COP17 Durban failure, the next great hope for the warming alarmists was the UN Rio+20 summit in June, not anymore, in an move to reduce confrontation between the various parties attending Climate Change has been dropped from the agenda.

Instead the summit will concentrate on sustainable development which is defined as making sure economies can grow now without endangering resources and the environment for future generations, effectively Climate Change by another name, but by not speaking its name the UN are hoping for agreement.

The outcome however, will more than likely still be another massive fail for the UN, despite changing the date so British PM David Cameron could attend, “Cast Iron” Dave is still not going to Rio. Read the rest of this entry

Rio+20 The Next Climate Religion Fail

Nothing binding will come out of Rio+20 just another opportunity for warming alarmists to have a get together in a nice place

The planet has still to recover from the carbon footprint caused by all those Green evangelists flying into COP17 Durban, where for the third successive COP in a row, they achieved absolutely nothing.

Well to be honest Durban did achieve something, a slick victory for the United Arab Emirates and what the warming alarmists refer to as Big Oil, the very next day Canada walked away from the dying Kyoto Protocol.

There was much talk at COP17 that unless the economic growth killers of Climate Religion were made legally binding there would never be progress on a unified world deal to commit economic suicide, so it is a little surprising to find in a leaked document that the Church of Climatology and Wealth Redistribution is only praying for voluntary agreements. Read the rest of this entry