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COP16 Now It Is Total Hysteria And Some Humiliation

More comedy fear scenairos, submerged airports and humiliation for a railway engineer

COP16 is proving to be even more vastly amusing than COP15 last year, until now we have been spared the imminent doom scenario so beloved of the warming alarmists, until now that is.

In a nutshell there are 72 months until the Giant Mutant Stargoat eats the planet, or something equally improbable, various islands are sinking though sea levels are not rising and the once mighty have fallen hard, hero to zero isnt even close Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Celebrities Tell Politicians You Can Make History At Cancun

The Celebrity green gesture the eco holocaust that is the Toyota Prius

The age of celebrity, wonderful isn’t it?

People wait adoringly for the prognostications of people so fucking stupid that if they were put on a life support machine it would be turned off due to brain death.

If it’s not Sting and his wizened old hag tantrically saving the Rain Forest from attack by killer dolphins, then we must endure the sanctimonious hypocrisy of Bono who wants us all to pay off the third world debt while the two faced cocksucker exploits a loop hole in Irish law so that he pays no tax on his millions.

But then hypocrisy, lies and bad briefing are the hallmarks of the Church of Climatology. Read the rest of this entry