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Thailand – A Country Where Eco-Facism Has Gone Mad

Thai farmers are being fined huge sums of money for causing global warming by farming their ancestral land.

The reality of what the warming alarmists and environmentalists refer to as the “polluter pays principal” and the new post Rio+20 scam of “loss and damage” has been played out in Thailand since 2006.

The Thai government has computed a formula where already financially poor farmers are being fined crippling amounts of money for causing global warming, the fines are not only for the current generation of farmers, but also for the environmental impact their ancestors caused by cutting down trees and farming the land hundreds of years ago. Read the rest of this entry

Carbon Tax – Gillard Tries To Bribe Voters

Never trust a Socialist or a Green, and above all never ever trust a Green Socialist

Julia Gillards regime in Australia is in deep political trouble because Gillard lied to voters, when she was elected  Gillard promised she would not implement a carbon tax, a promise she promptly broke.

The whole saga of warming alarmism in Australia has been one of extreme action against the so called deniers, in Western Australia Matt Thompson dared to question Climate Religion and immediately became the target of authority who tried to destroy the family’s cattle business with reams of red tape and licence applications.

The ugly face of Australian ecofacism surfaced again when deputy leader of the Australian Green Party, Christine Milne promised in July 2011 “to punish newspapers which publish articles sceptical of global warming and critical of the Gillard Government.“, Joe Stalin would be so proud of his Green Liberal protegĂ©. Read the rest of this entry