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Guest Post EU “Economic Recovery Threatens Church of Climatology”

Abandon economic recovery; a glimpse of our future as seen by the EUSSR welcome to pre Agricultural Revolution Britain

Todays Guest Blogger is @Toy_Tory

After a glorious night’s sleep I woke up this morning on a high. I switched on the telly to catch up on
the world’s news after substantial distractions yesterday made me miss everything. There on BBC1
Breakfast was an item that really blasted my serenity to pieces.

A Wonder Warming Woman was informing the nation that due to the polar ice caps melting, we will
be having a couple of years of colder weather to endure before we get all damp wet and warm.

I wish they would make their minds up… As a wise man said to me “If it is hot, it’s Global Warming, if
it is cold, it’s Global Warming – I call it Weather, or is that Climate the warming alarmists cant tell the difference Read the rest of this entry