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Ed Balls To Quit Politics And Become A Stepford Wife

It been a while since Aardvark heard the news about the results of the Labtard Shadow Cabinet elections, it has taken this long for him to stop laughing and be able to type.

Ed Balls beaten soundly into third place and considerably less popular than the radiant Yvette, who can normally be found doing passable imitations of a bulldog licking piss off of stinging nettles.

Ed has since tweeted that “they are both vpleased with the result” though one suspects that one partner is probably a lot more vpleased than the other Read the rest of this entry

Ed Balls, It Could Soon Be Ed Eunuch

The next family to become a casualty of Labours selection process?

Hot news from Left Foot Forward Mrs Ed Balls aka Yvette Cooper is hot favourite to get the job of Shadow Chancellor, a job her husband desperately wants.

Sources close to Ed Miliband suggest that Cooper is considered to be the safer choice of the pair.

It gets worse for Ed Eunuch Balls though: Read the rest of this entry

Do You Really Know Ed Balls?

The pressure is building on Ed Balls and this video from the Sunlight Centre for Open Politics makes sure that people will know Balls, before they cast their vote.

Transparency and anti-corruption campaigners at the Sunlight Centre have bought advertising space for a video which attacks Ed Balls for expenses abuses including flipping his house three times, claiming for a remembrance poppy wreath and taking an £89,000 payment for producing two pamphlets for the Smith Institute in 9 months. Full story here

The Politics Of Desperation – Vote Tactically Say Labour Ministers

Hain trying to spread fear message about General Election result

Vote tactically say desperate Labour Ministers Peter Hain and Ed Balls, keep those nasty Tories out or they will eat your babies.

Such is the desperation in the Labour campaign that Liberal turncoat and disgraced and brought back Welsh Secretary Peter Hain is advising voters to vote Lib Dem to keep the Conservatives from forming a Government.

Same goes for Children’s Secretary Ed Balls who last week was wakened from his fools paradise with sudden realisation that there is a very good chance of him losing his seat in the Morley and Outwood constituency. The constituency boundaries have changed since the last General Election and only 25% of the old constituency is in the new one. Read the rest of this entry

Lest we forget – The Cabinets Expenses

By Tory Aardvark

With all the other political news perhaps it is time to remember the Expenses Scandal and the troughing done by Cabinet Ministers

Relive the excesses at our expense of senior Labour Ministers courtesy of the The Telegraph