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The Green Socialist Hypocrisy Of Ed Miliband

Have you ever wondered how and why UK energy prices have risen so fast? The man to thank is Ed Miliband and the Climate Change Act he pushed through Parliament

Have you ever wondered how and why UK energy prices have risen so fast? The man to thank is Ed Miliband and the Climate Change Act he pushed through Parliament.

Politicians in the main are a pretty sickening breed, politicians of the socialist persuasion particularly so, when socialism and Green are mixed then be prepared for some truly sickening hypocrisy.

Take for example one Ed Miliband, leader of the British Labour Party and an ardent supporter of that global left wing cause célèbre the Green Agenda.

It is no secret that polling wise Ed Miliband is about as popular as a dead skunk in an elevator, so with the usual socialist shape shifting that Labour do so well, Ed Miliband is trying to buy votes by saying that a Labour government would freeze energy prices for 2 years if they were elected.

On the face of it, nothing wrong with that statement,  were it not for the fact that Miliband had also committed Labour to the lunacy of 2030 decarbonisation targets, like they say dumb can be cured, stupid is forever. Read the rest of this entry

Warming Alarmism Is Now A Dead Political Force In Britain

The organ grinder and his monkey peddling AGW lies in 2009

Just over 11 months ago Gordon Brown appeared on our TV screens pushing the fear and junk science of Anthropogenic Global Warming, there were according to the man who abolished “boom and bust”, just 50 days to save the world. Events have proved that this statement made about as much sense as the abolition of boom and bust lie.

The warming alarmists applauded loudly, WWF and Friends of the Earth though all their Christmas’s were coming every year for ever more, Chavez and Mugabe were on the verge of ordering their Bugatti Veyrons with all the money the west was going to give them and then Climategate burst upon the scene and the rest is history.

As the Church of Climatology withered and died it was Ed Miliband and Labour that tried to keep the scam alive as a political force, Harriet Harpie just prior to the General Election Read the rest of this entry

What Does The Future Hold For David Miliband?

Happier times for the brothers bland

The result of the Labour leadership contest has killed David Milibands Westminster career stone dead, if this had been a war then the elder Miliband brother is what they politely call “collateral damage” when a bomb goes astray.

Had the result been reversed then Ed as the younger brother could have stayed on and had his turn later when David stepped down, but it is difficult to see how there is a Westminster future for David Miliband for both political and personal reasons. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Has A Lot In Common With Ed Miliband

Chicken Little has a lot in common with Ed Miliband

Chicken Little showed his true socialist warming alarmist colours today when Chicken addressed a Guardian fringe meeting at the Labtard party conference in Manchester.

Huhne said “he could imagine the Lib Dems working with Labour” at some point in the future Read the rest of this entry

Ed Miliband Wins Labour Leadership

Ed Miliband wins and becomes Labour Leader

A close run thing but after 4 rounds of votes Forrest Gump beat Hilary Clintons toyboy.

Congratulations to Ed Miliband on your victory, but the big question is will this eventually end up with a Cain and Able scenario politically, or will D Milibland quietly leave Westminster politics in 12 months time Read the rest of this entry