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Guardian – Climate Action Must Be Rebuilt From The Ground Upwards

The Guardian is still finding it difficult to fully break away from Climate Religion as this article by Ian Katz shows.

Intended to be a “to do” list of what is needed to fill the pews in the Church of Climatology once again, it instead reads like a catalogue of disasters that destroyed man made Climate Change as a credible theory.

What a difference three months makes. Back in November, the world broadly agreed that emissions of carbon dioxide were heating up the planet and that we needed to do something about it, even if we couldn’t agree exactly what. And though we’d had the usual pre-summit rollercoaster ride of dire predictions and naive exhortations (yes, I plead guilty to some of those), even hardheaded types dared to hope that Copenhagen might produce the basis of a global climate treaty.

Now, with climate science under siege and climate politics in disarray, that sounds like the rhetoric of another age. The American commentator Walter Russell Mead recently captured the mood: “The global warming movement as we have known it is dead … basically, Sarah Palin 1, Al Gore zip.” A senior British diplomat compares those trying to secure global action on climate change post-Copenhagen to “small groups wandering in different directions around the battlefield like a beaten army”. A leading scientist offers an equally pithy assessment: “Everybody is completely clueless.”

Not depressed yet? This weekend a BBC poll showed a dramatic fall in the number of people who believe warming is happening; carbon markets have ­tumbled; a Guardian survey of over 30 leading figures involved in climate negotiations found almost none who believed a global deal was possible this year; in Australia a man who described climate change as “absolute crap” could soon be prime minister.

What went wrong? How long have you got: the leak of the “climategate” emails that showed scientists behaving just as tribally as their detractors, the ­Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s great ­glacier meltdown (enough “gates” for now), the abject failure of ­Copenhagen, Obama’s Massachusetts disaster and a bitterly cold winter in much of Europe and the US. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – British Government Conspires Not To Prosecute And The Eco Stupidity Of Gordon Brown

Out to destroy Britain with CO2 stupidity

Gordon Brown is another socialist leader using the AGW lie to cover his and other left-wing leaders bid for a one world global socialist government, they know it is their last chance to defeat capitalism.

The Prime Mentalist attempted to set the agenda for Copenhagen with his comical 50 days to save the world speech, he flew to Copenhagen 2 days early to try and broker the deal, fortunately as usual Brown failed.

The majority of UK voters post Climategate are not convinced by AGW, Brown then attempted to belittle anyone who does believe in Climate Change as flat earthers. So desperate to force through his hidden agenda and be perceived as a world statesman Brown then pledges the most money of any EU member state to give away to developing nations.

Yesterday Ed Miliband decided to declare war on AGW sceptics as he fears that Climate Change sceptics are undermining public support for the Church of Climatology. Brown and Miliband want their wealth redistribution scheme through at any price, and just how far the Government is prepared to go to achieve this end has been revealed by James Delingpole:

There is something very odd indeed about the statement by the Information Commission on its investigation into “Climategate”, the leak of emails from East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit. Gordon Smith, the deputy commissioner, confirms that the university’s refusal to answer legitimate inquiries made in 2007 and 2008 was an offence under S.77 of the Information Act. But he goes on to claim that the Commission is powerless to bring charges, thanks to a loophole in the law – “because the legislation requires action within six months of the offence taking place”. Read the rest of this entry

Church of Climatology – Ed Miliband Declares War On Climate Change Sceptics

For the first time since Copenhagen ended in failure Ed Miliband has the left the safety of the Church of Climatology to announce a holy war against the heretical non believers in ManBearPig.

Miliband is worried that there will be a public backlash against man made Climate Change because bloggers and a few MSM journalists with integrity keep finding more evidence of lies, fraud, deceit and total abandonment of scientific standards and principles.

In an exclusive interview for the Observer:

But in the government’s first high-level recognition of the growing pressure on public opinion, Miliband declared a “battle” against the “siren voices” who denied global warming was real or caused by humans, or that there was a need to cut carbon emissions to tackle it.

“It’s right that there’s rigour applied to all the reports about climate change, but I think it would be wrong that when a mistake is made it’s somehow used to undermine the overwhelming picture that’s there,” he said.

“We know there’s a physical effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to higher temperatures, that’s a question of physics; we know CO2 concentrations are at their highest for 6,000 years; we know there are observed increases in temperatures; and we know there are observed effects that point to the existence of human-made climate change. That’s what the vast majority of scientists tell us.”

Business as usual, like Blair Miliband says press on regardless, even if the science is wrong.

The danger of climate scepticism was that it would undermine public support for unpopular decisions needed to curb carbon emissions, including the likelihood of higher energy bills for households, and issues such as the visual impact of wind turbines, said Miliband, who is also energy secretary.

Always a major worry for any leftwing socialist Labour politician, a new tax being rumbled by the victims before it can be slid stealthily in to law.

The Copenhagen conference in December ended with no formal agreement to make deep cuts in global emissions, or even set a timetable, but Miliband warned activists against “despair”.

Keep the faith oh dwindling band of followers, Osama Bin Laden has joined our crusade to screw the western world over for ever.

On little Eddy the MP’s own web site there is a poll on the left hand side bar:

Do you agree with the Government’s policy on coal and carbon capture and storage?

When Aardvark voted the current support was 28% for 64% against Gordon Brown and Miliband’s policies.

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Climategate – Copenhagen Fails But Its Business As Usual For Gordon Brown And The Church of Climatology

The conference in Copenhagen was actually a more entertaing car crash, than the Labour Party conference this year, though both events shared something in common: Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown “financial saviour of the world” arrived in Copenhagen to save the world from Anthropogenic Global Warming and to purchase with UK tax payers money the title of “World Statesman”, fortunately, despite offering to give away billions of pounds we dont have, the curse of Jonah Brown prevailed and the whole farce came apart.

Was the Copenhagen summit an event that should have been staged?

Without doubt the whole charade of Climate Change was blown asunder by Chavez and his “terrible ghost in the room” which turned out not to be Capitalism, but Climategate, Chavez was quickly followed by Ethopia (supporrted by Brown and Sarkozy) preaching that global socialism was the answer to AGW. Now that’s out in the open, the reason for the fraudluent science is apparent.

At Copenhagen, opening our wallets to the Third World:

“Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenari — who is representing all of Africa here — unveiled his proposal Wednesday for a system in which rich countries would provide money to poor ones to help deal with the effects of climate change. …

“Zenawi said he would accept $30 billion in the short term, rising to $100 billion by 2020. … This was seen as a key concession by developing countries, which had previously spurned that figure … as too low.”

There was a time when a U.S. diplomat would have burst out laughing after listening to a Third World con artist like this. But not the Obamaites. They are already ponying up.

No wonder the developing nations came to Copenhagen, with Brown and the rest of the EUSSR offering billions to get them onside for One World Government.

Since the farce ended in failure the Church of Climatology has played up the result and promised business as usual and that they will press on regardless.

UK Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband, who spent the night in talks after Gordon Brown had left the conference, said the failure to secure a stronger agreement showed the difficulty world leaders faced in tackling climate change.
“I think we would have wanted a more comprehensive agreement, a legally binding one,” he said.

“I think it is good that we have made a start in terms of emissions cuts people are going to do and, crucially, in terms of finance, but that does rely on getting the agreement.

“I wanted a stronger agreement. Today’s events show the difficulty we face. We are dealing with incredibly complex issues and trying to get 192 countries signed up is not an easy task.”

Further talks are expected at conferences in Germany and Mexico next year and Mr Obama admitted there was “much further to go”.

The EU are busily preparing a rerun of the Irish referendum and Lisbon Treaty edicts by staging a climate conference in Germany in 2010, where they will attempt to force Climatology belief on the peoples of Europe.

One small problem for them, Gordon Brown will no longer be Prime Minister of this country by then.

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