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Better Education Causes Climate Scepticism

Graduation day at Cambridge University, a recent US Government survey has found the better educated you are, the less your belief in the junk science of Anthropogenic Global Warming

Dont you just love it when a survey is commissioned, and those paying for the survey are confident that they will get the answer they want, then they get completely the wrong answer from their point of view.

This is has just happened to the US Government who were confident that their survey would confirm the Green lie that climate sceptics are anti-science, ignorant, have some sort of right wing disease/disability  and are all in the pay of big oil.

The survey confirms their worst fears, the better educated you are the less chance there is you will believe in the junk science of man made climate change: Read the rest of this entry

Selling Yourself For Education

The news that blogger “Belle De Jour” is in fact Dr Brooke Magnanti, a respected scientist has brought the subject of people working in the sex industry into the public area.

Dr Magnanti worked as a prostitute for 14 months to make ends meet while finishing off her PhD.

While driving back from a business meeting and listening to Jeremy Vine the topic under discussion was working in the sex industry to get a univeristy education. The majority of callers had no problem with students doing part-time work in the sex industry.

Would you want that for you son or daughter? Aardvark would not.

Blair and Labour promised education, education, education and after nearly 13 years of Government some our children have to work in the sex industry with all the dangers of violence, murder and sexually transmitted diseases that can render them infertile, or kill them. Just to get the education Labour promised them.