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More Green Subsidies For The Rich – Britain’s Electric Cars

Like all things in the Green world Electric Cars cannot exist without subsidies, tax payers give £5000 to everyone who buys one.

Mention the electric car and depending upon the person you are talking to, the first thing mentioned will either be how Green and tree huggy they are, or range anxiety, the very limited range that current electric vehicles have.

Big Green has pushed the Electric Vehicle (EV) as the way forward because EV’s have zero CO2 emissions, according to the warmists.

Lets examine this claim of zero CO2 emissions, which is not actually possible because the CO2 footprint of a vehicle is manufacture, use and destruction, not just driving the charged car which is what the warmist claims are based on.

Then there is the inconvenient truth of how the electricity that charges the battery is generated, if the power station is powered by fossil fuels then under warmist rules the electric car has caused CO2 emissions, the fact is that in environmental terms EVs are no cleaner than the current generation of modern diesel cars.

Now the House of Commons Transport Select Committee has warned that EVs, just like wind turbines, benefit the rich as ordinary tax payers subsidise the Green Dream, again: Read the rest of this entry

Electric Cars – Will Be As Cheap As Conventional Cars In 20 Years Time

In 1907 the viable electric car was just around the corner, in 2011 the viable electric car is just around the corner

A viable electric car has been just around the corner since 1907, and now over a century later, no surprising for guessing a viable, affordable electric car is just around the corner.

Electric and hybrid vehicles have been evangelised by the warming alarmists as Green and eco-friendly, despite the batteries being used for these sacred vehicles causing an environmental holocaust in the countries that provide nickel for the batteries.

To date the carbon footprints of EV’s have only ever been their use, the impact of manufacturing and scrapping these vehicles has always been omitted from Church of Climatology propaganda Read the rest of this entry

Electric And Hybrid Cars Fail To Sell In China

Toyota sold just 1 Prius in the worlds fastest growing car market - China

News that there are now 1 billion cars on the world’s roads has got the eco mentalists running around in circles and barking at the moon.

For some reason the Church of Climatology was expecting China to be different from the rest of the world where sales of electric cars in Britain and the US are declining sharply. In Britain attempts are being made to help with range anxiety by installing charging points at motorway service stations, while in America charging points are being removed as there is no demand for them.

China is now rethinking the whole electric car idea on the grounds of cost and what are politely called technical concerns: Read the rest of this entry

Electric Cars – George Monbiot Criticises BBC For Top Gear

NIssan Leaf just not selling anywhere

Irony, it’s a crying shame that the warming alarmists, in company with other left of centre ideologies don’t do irony or humour, because then they would see the irony of the BBC actually broadcasting views that are not from the scriptures of the Church of Climatology.

Citizen George Moonbat Monbiot is in a state of shock and horror, the BBC only broadcasts politically correct Warming Alarmism 99.9999% of the time; well George welcome to the real world where we are forced to pay, by law, for the BBC and its constant output of Liberal/Socialist and warming alarmist grey propaganda.

Moonbat is upset because Top Gear were less than fair with their electric car test and anyway George hates cars and petrol heads: Read the rest of this entry

A New Attempt To Kick Start The Electric Car

Ecotricity announce charging points for electric cars at Motorway Service Stations

The day after it was announced that electric car sales in Britain had stalled, Ecotricity announce the first national charging network for electric cars.

With virtually zero demand, and at most 2,500 battery powered cars on Britain’s roads it would seem a curious business decision, but it is for precisely this reason Ecotricity are going ahead with the idea.

Naturally there will be wind turbines providing the electricty generation which bodes badly for the days when it is too cold, or the wrong type of wind for the bird choppers to turn: Read the rest of this entry

Electric Car Sales In Britain Stall

Chris Huhne and the Electric Car, both have uncertain futures

The Electric Car, after the wind turbine, is most holy of icons to the Church of Climatology and just like the wind turbine the same cherry picked facts about electric cars are used to push them as zero emissions, which is just another lie.

Despite all the taxpayers giving those that buy an electric car a £5,000 subsidy, sales in the last quarter fell be more than 50% over the previous quarter.

There are around 28 million vehicles on Britain’s roads, of this number just 2,500 are battery powered: Read the rest of this entry

Green Lies Exposed – The Chevy Volt

Green washed as environmentally friendly Chevrolet are selling just 110 Volts a month

The electric car has longed been pitched by the ecomentalists as clean, zero CO2 emitting transport, provided that you believe electricity just is and never needs to be generated.

Chevrolet have joined the green bandwagon with their Volt which is of course going to save the planet.

Maybe not, because depending upon where you are in the USA, depends on how the electricity for your Volt is generated Read the rest of this entry

Green Lies Exposed – The Electric Car

The Electric Car like everything pushed by the warming alarmists and Greens, is nothing more than a careful selection of isolated facts all glued together with gallons of snake oil.

If you assume that an electric car is a paranormal object, it miraculously appears without needing manufacture, it runs on electricity that is solely generated by a realistic clean source like nuclear, and then when life expired, disappears in the same miraculous way as it appeared; then the chances are you have been snorting way too much Pixie dust and need to come down: Read the rest of this entry