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Republicans Dethrone 9 Obama Czars

Obama his regime has the smell of death about it

The Republican victory in the US Mid Term Elections was always going to prove damaging to Obama’s plans, and more importantly to short circuit Obama’s using of the tried and trusted method of, if I cant get the law passed, it will do it by the backdoor.

There is an amazing sense of deja vu sitting in Britain, watching Obama’s regime crumble and the socialist twist and turn just like Gordon Brown did, the profligate spending and the super train project, the last ditch attempts from the universal socialist model of trying to hang on to power, at literally any price.

Obama and his “settled science” of Climate Religion failed to get the Cap n Trade bill through which would have crippled American business for a generation, so undeterred Obama has been using the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to get Cap n Trade by the back door.

Now the Republican majority in the House Of Representatives have voted to cut the funding for 9 of Obama’s czars, which means they are out of a job: Read the rest of this entry

Worried “Anti Business” Obama Orders Review Of Government Agencies

Obama is not anti business its just he believes in Climate Religion

An increasingly beleaguered Obama is ordering a review of Government agencies that have been enforcing the Climate Religion policies of Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore.

As the whole AGW church of cards has come tumbling down, Obama and Pelsoi have sought to use the US Environmental Protection Agency to enforce Climate Religion policies by the back door.

On the first day of the 117th Congress the new Republican majority in the Senate wasted no time in tabling legislation to curtail Obama’s green nazis at the EPA.

As Obama seeks to prove he is not anti business, the number of court cases against the EPA is stacking up. Read the rest of this entry

Republicans Outline 3 Bills To Limit The Power Of The EPA

The Reoublicans now hold the balance of power in the US Senate

The Republicans have wasted no time in setting about the Church of Climatology, after only 1 day of the 112th Congress the axe is already falling.

First casualty is The Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming, brainchild of the odious harpie Nancy Pelosi.

Next in line is the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), already being used by King Hussein to try and force Climate Relgion policies by the back door.

On the first day of the new Congress in addition to killing off Pelsoi’s committee, the Republicans outlined 3 different bills all aimed at curtailing the powers of the EPA Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Senator Murkowski To Challenge EPA

Republican Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski

Last week when Al Gore broke his post Copenhagen silence and attempted the business as usual statement he did admit that 2010 was going to be a tough year for the Church of Climatology. Gore is particularly upset with Senator Lisa Murkowski.

On December 7th 2009 the US Environmental Protection Agency announced that Greenhouse gases in CO2 pose a threat to human health and welfare as a such the EPA would begin regulating Greenhouse gases from power stations, factories and major industrial polluters. This move was seen by many as a backdoor way for Obama to override Congress and The Senate and force through Cap n Trade and other so called Green measures, by cutting out the democratic process.

This week has been a bad week for Obama, the Democrats and the Church of Climatology. First the Democrats announced that AGW legislation was not the top priority for 2010, then Scott Brown caused a major upset in Massachusetts and destroyed Obama’s super majority in the Senate. The knock on effects of Scott Brown’s victory are only starting to be felt, but the likely casualties will be Obama care and Cap n Trade.

Just 48 hours after Massachusetts Read the rest of this entry