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Tory MEPs Warned Not To Undermine Cameron Over European Climate Targets

Tory MEPs to vote against lastest EU emissions targets

The Lib Dems in the coalition government are warning Tory MEPs that voting against the lastest EU economic suicide pact, the 30% cut in emissions from 1990 levels would undermine David Cameron and damage Britain’s Green credentials; the same Lib Dems whose MEPs regularly vote against coalition policy in EU Parliament.

Yesterday the EU’s Climate Religion policy took a severe mauling when Poland blocked the insanity known as EU Energy Roadmap 2050, essentially a plan to redraw the map of Europe where countries borders are determined by their renewable energy resources.

Globally the whole Climate Change scam is dying faster than ever, the EU is the last bastion of this belief, yesterday Poland’s actions gave European Climate Religion a serious knock back Read the rest of this entry

Ed Miliband, Warming Alarmism And The EU Flight Ban

Empty airports if the insane EU flight ban takes hold

During his leadership campaign Ed Miliband constantly harped on about his support for the EU and Climate Change, and his record in government under Gordon Brown does confirm his support for these two dubious ideas.

Ed Miliband is supposed to represent a new direction and a fresh start for Labour, supposed to being the key word here, in reality what Labour now have is Gordon Brown MK2, younger, more polished and with interpersonal skills that Brown could not even dream of, but still the same desire for wealth redistribution and one world socialist government, and as always, firmly in the pockets of the Unions.

It was Ed Miliband who in the dying days of Gordon Browns regime tried to restart the Climate Change scam, it is this belief in the Church of Climatology and a desire to surrender more British sovereignty to the EU that makes Ed Miliband a bigger threat to Britain than the gurning Jonah from Fife ever was.

When the lunatics get together they tend to take over the asylum and this bit of insanity from the EU proves the point Read the rest of this entry