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India Asks It’s Airlines Not To Submit Carbon Tax Data To EU

India’s Civil Aviation Ministry “No need for Indian carriers to submit any data to European Union under EU-Emissions Trading Scheme”

The post COP17 spin is that the world has agreed to find a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol and that every country is behind the idea that CO2 is the biggest danger that mankind has ever faced.

The spin bubble lasted 24 hours and then Canada withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol declaring that Kyoto was not the way forward for Canada or the world.

Even before COP17 started the United States House of Representatives had voted overwhelmingly against taking part in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) declaring Congress and the United States government will not support this ill-advised and illegal EU tax scheme.

Now India has asked its national carriers not to submit data to the EU ETS: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Rest Of The World And EU Clash Over EU Aviation Tax

India the EU’s aviation proposals are, a “trade action hidden in the guise of climate“.

That home of Climate Religion the EU, the lair of Huhne and Hedegaard is set on a crash course with at the very least India and the United States over the Aviation Tax that the EUSSR plans to charge all flights that land and take off  within the Eurozone.

India has already accused the EU of using Climate Religion to raise money, the United States has gone at lot further: Read the rest of this entry