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The Re-elected Obama Fails His First Green Test

Barry Obama has signed a law that prohibits US airlines from taking part in the EU emissions trading scheme’s Green Flying Tax, which is a big disappointment to all those Greens naive enough to believe Obama would be the Great Green Messiah in his second term

The Greens and environmentalists were expecting great Green things from Obama in his second term, especially after he mentioned Climate Change in his victory speech.

The problem is there can often be a huge gap between expectations and actuality: Read the rest of this entry

More Green Failure And Lies In Europe

The truth about the real cost of Green taxation for wind and solar on Britain’s energy bills is out, Green subsidy adds 15% to electricity bills.

The Global Trade War over the EU’s Green flying tax took a step closer to reality this week, and out of  the blue Germany is now cutting subsidies earlier than planned for solar; within 5 years the Green taxation for solar will be no more.

The cost of Green subsidy on Britain’s energy bills has been hotly debated with the Greens maintaining that the cost of subsidy is only £20 per year: Read the rest of this entry