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EU Warmists And Greens Fear The Deomocratic Process

EU Greens and warming alarmists are seriously worried about the EU Elections in May where voters are likely to return more right wing MEPs which would derail the EU#s position as one of the last bastions of Climate Religion.

EU Greens and warming alarmists are seriously worried about the EU Elections in May where voters are likely to return more right wing MEPs which would derail the EU’s position as one of the last bastions of Climate Religion.

The democratic process and the EU, probably the biggest oxymoron of all time for a bureaucracy that actively fears the power of the voter.

The EU President, Foreign Minister and the legions of EU Commissioners are appointed by other members of the EU cabal, with voters hardly ever getting a chance to vote on anything as the unaccountable EU continues to encroach on their lives and personal freedoms.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle is a classic case in point, the EU has been at the forefront of pushing the warming alarmist message and doing their level best to de-industrialize Europe. led by the EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard who believes that the human race can pick and choose the climate of the planet by limiting CO2 emissions. Words like delusional spring to mind, and yes it would be funny were it not the case that decisions made by Comrade Connie have a direct impact on lives and jobs.

As the AGW scam has declined year on year, so the dissension in the ranks of the once Green united EU has spread, the EU and Poland are at a standoff over coal burning power stations, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Britain and other countries are now voting against Green policies that were once rubber stamped.

The elections for MEP’s are going to be held in May, and the Greens, Liberals and socialists are getting worried about the rising popularity of right wing parties in Europe, because despite the stories about Global Warming being something that transcends political viewpoints, Global Warming has in reality always been a left wing cause celebre, their last chance to destroy the democratic capitalist system. Read the rest of this entry


EU’s Green Agenda Faces Global Opposition

The EU one of the last bastions of Climate Religion sets the example that we were told the rest of the world would follow; the problem is economic suicide is only popular with EU Commissars

The Left have always attached noble and lofty adjectives to their political aims, taking the moral high ground, leading by example are popular chants from the comrades of socialism, environmentalism and the easily manipulated eco sheep of the Occupy movement.

All the talk of moral high ground and leading way to a brave new Green world are just smokescreens to force the environmental legislation through at any price, with the secondary vain hope that there might be other ecomentalist simpletons in power elsewhere who also want to de-industrialise their societies, commit economic suicide and embrace the misery and drudge of the Green Agrarian Society.

All in all, it sounds like political suicide, well it would be if the EU Commissars concerned were elected, but as usual with the EU democracy is not in the loop, so the unelected and unanswerable climate zealots will continue with their Green agenda, that the rest of the world does not want any part of.

So much for leading by example, instead the largely bankrupt EU is on a collision course for a Global Trade War with the rest of the world: Read the rest of this entry

The War On Affordable Energy – The European Union

Leaders of the EU War on Affordable Energy Chris Huhne and Connie Hedegaard

There are many reasons why Britain should get the hell out of the EU, one of the most pressing is the blind adherence to Climate Religion and the desperate desire by Connie Hedegaard to put a stop to all new fossil fuel extraction technologies.

The Co-op bank disingenuously linked oil extraction from tar sands with fracking of shale gas, but then the bank rollers of the Labour party would use disinformation to protect their massive investment in fair trade eco friendly renewable tax payer funded subsidies, now this mythical link has been grabbed by the warming alarmists desperate to stop affordable energy from fossil fuels putting a stop to their tax payer subsidised scam.

Hedegaard, the unelected EU Climate Commissar wants to ban oil from tar sands from being used within the EU, this will also have implications for shale gas.

Shale gas frightens the warming alarmists, as in really frightens them: Read the rest of this entry

Bayer Threatens To Quit Germany Over Energy Costs

Bayer invented Aspirin in 1897

David Cameron and Chris Huhne were told by the Confederation of British Industry and the manufacturers association that Green taxes and Climate Religion are killing jobs and economic recovery.

Both organisations have warned that companies will relocate to countries where Climate Religion does not hold sway over the economic good of the country, countries where the politicians put the good of their country ahead of an absurd fear of an inert trace gas.

The recent news that Germany bowing to Green hysteria post Fukushima and phasing out its nuclear power stations by 2022, and replacing lost generating capacity with unreliable and heavily subsidised renewables is worrying German business: Read the rest of this entry

EU Climate Religion Fail – Chris Huhne Orders Inquiry Into Tory MEPs

Lib Dem Chris Huhne orders inquiry into Tory MEPs, where does this idiot get off?

Chris Huhne has really excelled this time, following on from the pathetically desperate statement that “Fighting Climate Change Deniers Is Like Fighting Hitler”, Huhne has now ordered an inquiry into the Tory MEPs in the European Parliament.

Huhne is still smarting from the major defeat EU Climate Religion suffered on July 5th 2011 when the EU voted against the economic suicide pact proposed by Huhne and Hedegaard.

Within hours an embarrassingly bad damage limitation program was in place, and now Huhne a member of a different political party is now ordering an inquiry in to which fossil fuel lobbyists “got to” the Tory MEPs, even for Huhne this is a new high water mark of hypocrisy, the Chris Huhne who when asked to jump by NGOs like WWF, Friends of The Earth and Greenpeace meekly asks “How High?“: Read the rest of this entry

EU Climate Religion Fail – Now Its All Knee Jerk And Lies

EU Carbon Emissions targets blocked - bad damage limitation exercise now in progress

Yesterday the EU Parliament voted to block the 30% cut in carbon emissions by 2020, within hours  a very bad damage limitation exercise was in progress.

Today the usual left wing propaganda outlets that we dont have to pay for: The Guardian and Independent, and the left wing propaganda outlet we do have to pay for, the BBC, are all blaming the Tory MEPs for the defeat of their beloved Climate Religion.

This is just another obfuscated lie, the 30% cut would have been defeated with, or without the Tory MEPs. Read the rest of this entry

EU Votes Against 30% Carbon Emissions Cut

A failed attempt by the EU to spread Climate Change fear with vague predictions

The European Parliament has voted No to the planned increase in carbon emissions cuts from 20% to 30% by 2020, from the 1990 levels of emissions.

The European Leaders of the Church of Climatology Chris Huhne and the unelected Connie Hedegaard had been pushing for the reduction in emissions and trumpeting loudly that all the EU states were behind their plan for EU economic ruin.

The Guardian and Independent carried stories about Tory MEPs going to cause the end of civilisation by voting against the cuts, David Cameron got involved, the Tory MEPs ignored Cameron and a voted against the cuts, but, their votes were not decisive: Read the rest of this entry

Tory MEPs To Vote Against EU Climate Plan

Prime Minister David Cameron has failed to force Tory MEPs to believe in Climate Religion

June 23rd 2011 was a bad day for EU Climate Religion when Poland blocked the economic suicide pact know as EU Energy Roadmap 2050 and it became know that there were still some real Tories around, albeit in the European Parliament, who were not going to vote in favour of David Cameron, Chris Huhne and the EU’s planned increase in CO2 emissions cuts.

In a last ditch attempt to keep the 30% cuts insanity going the EU decided to postpone the vote in the hope that Cameron could convince his MEPs to vote for the 30% cut Read the rest of this entry

Green Stealth Tax Will Sentence Millions Of Britons To Fuel Poverty

Steam from a cooling tower, typical warming alarmist picture used to illustrate CO2 emissions which makes about as much sense as the carbon floor price

This absolutely has to be a first, a centre left think tank has criticised a Climate Religion policy warning that the Carbon Floor Price introduced in the 2011 Budget, will cause fuel poverty for tens of thousands of additional homes, do nothing to reduce emissions and could even end up giving Climate Religion policies and taxes a bad name.

Wait one, didn’t Gordon Brown and his pathetic attempt to raise revenue by back dating Vehicle Excise Duty, under the guise of saving the planet already do that?

In 2004 there were 1.4 million households living in energy poverty, energy poverty is defined as spending 10% of your disposable income on heating and light, in 2011 there are 5.5 million households living in energy poverty, and this is before the Climate Religion policies of renewables, the outrageous subsidies that renewable attract and other green taxes are passed on to business, families and the old.

In Britain there are 2 million pensioner households living in fuel poverty: Read the rest of this entry

Tory MEPs Defy David Cameron Over Greenhouse Gas Targets

Tory MEP's to revolt against Cameron and Huhne's green suicide pact

At last some real Tories have appeared, strangely from the European Parliament but none the less, Tories, and they have had enough of the Church of Climatology policies of David Cameron and Chris Huhne.

The EU is pushing for a 30% cut in CO2 emissions by 2020 from 1990 levels, supported by David Cameron and Chris Huhne, despite being warned by the Confederation of British Industry that the Climate Religion policies the  Coalition Government are following is damaging British Industry.

Tomorrow the EU will vote on the 30% emissions cut and the Tory MEPs are not happy: Read the rest of this entry