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Dutch Report – Wind Turbines Are Not Fit For Purpose

European Physical Society “Decisions to install large-scale wind-powered electricity generation are based more on the expectation to save significant amounts of fossil fuel and CO2 emission than on any evidence that this is indeed the case”.

One of the corner stones of the Green Dream was renewable energy, based on a child like thought process that energy generated by the wind is free, and as, no fossil fuels are used in the generation process, none of that frighteningly scary trace gas CO2 would be produced, so the non existent threat of Anthropogenic Global Warming would be averted and a Green economy would grow based on cheap Green energy.

The same child like simplicity of thought was also applied to solar energy with posters proclaiming “if every home in Britain had a solar panel on its roof we could generate all the electricity we need”, a complete and utter fantasy of course, but to the Green zealot who never thinks anything through to its logical conclusion these posterĀ  statements become both a mantra and central to their core belief system.

The hardcore reality is that the sun does not always shine, and the wind does not always blow at the correct speed to allow the bird choppers to function, so like it or not, there always has to be a conventional power station on standby, ready to instantly pick up the demand that renewables are usually unable to generate sufficient electricity to meet. Read the rest of this entry