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Ed Miliband, Warming Alarmism And The EU Flight Ban

Empty airports if the insane EU flight ban takes hold

During his leadership campaign Ed Miliband constantly harped on about his support for the EU and Climate Change, and his record in government under Gordon Brown does confirm his support for these two dubious ideas.

Ed Miliband is supposed to represent a new direction and a fresh start for Labour, supposed to being the key word here, in reality what Labour now have is Gordon Brown MK2, younger, more polished and with interpersonal skills that Brown could not even dream of, but still the same desire for wealth redistribution and one world socialist government, and as always, firmly in the pockets of the Unions.

It was Ed Miliband who in the dying days of Gordon Browns regime tried to restart the Climate Change scam, it is this belief in the Church of Climatology and a desire to surrender more British sovereignty to the EU that makes Ed Miliband a bigger threat to Britain than the gurning Jonah from Fife ever was.

When the lunatics get together they tend to take over the asylum and this bit of insanity from the EU proves the point Read the rest of this entry

European Court Of Human Rights Halts Extradition Of Abu Hamza

Just what goes through the minds of the utopian socialist fuckwits who make up the European Court of Human Rights?

What for this, the Court is concerned about the possible lenght of jail terms that Hamza and Babar Ahmad could receive if convicted of terrorism charges in the USA. Life without parole is far too harsh a sentence for a terrorist willing to sentence his victims to death without parole. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Brown Pledges Most Money In The EU And A Possible Change In Propaganda At The BBC

The EU has decided to give 7.2bn euros (£6.5bn; $10.6bn) over the next 3 years to help developing nations deal with AGW; despite the fact that the majority of the population of the EU dont accept the Anthropogenic Global Warming lie of Michael Mann and the CRU.

Post Climategate the belief in AGW has fallen to around 40% of people, in the UK 42% believe and 58% dont, a clear majority against, but no one expects the EU to do anything it’s people want.

In the dying moments of his regime, Gordon Brown desperate to be remembered for something other than an indecisive fiscal incompetent and the worst Prime Minister in British history, has managed to out evangelise all 26 other EU countries and pledge the most money.

With government borrowing looking likely to hit £240 billion, Brown has pledged £1.5 billion that we dont have.

The cat and the canary syndrome persists, Climategate never happened for Gordon Brown.

A growing body of scientists is demanding proof yet from Brown, Gore and the loyal believers of the Church of Climatology the matter is settled. Any debate must be suppressed and non-believers ridiculed, frightened or censored into submission.

Meanwhile at the BBC there has been a downgrading of support for AGW from every scientist who ever lived to “most” scientists believe; heard on the Radio 2 News today.

A Freudian slip or a change in policy?

Only time will tell

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Democracy Has No Future In The European Union

A Coterie of Levisites

The democratic process is something we take for granted in this country; to achieve this we fought a bloody and brutal civil war that split families and friends, executed a king, tried a period of dictatorship and military rule under Cromwell and the Major Generals. Finally we settled on a democratic system of elected representatives and a figure head monarch.

The Divine Right of Kings was overturned by the rule of Democracy.

There were problems through the centuries with MP’s corruption, rotten boroughs and other types of gerrymandering, but by the 20th Century we had pretty much arrived at a good system with our Parliament being regarded as the “Mother of All Parliaments”.

The referendums held by Harold Wilson and Ted Heath on the European Union were always about trading partnerships, never surrendering sovereignty to faceless bureaucrats in Brussels. The move to a federalised European superstate began in the late 1990’s; then Prime Minister Tony Blair’s political instincts were sharp enough to know that the surrendering sovereignty would not go down well with the voters.

So Blair promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in 2004, his successor Gordon Brown broke that promise and the country is slowly being sucked in to the new Socialist Superstate, against of the majority. Recent opinion polls show 65% of voters against the Lisbon Treaty.

Gordon Brown and Democracy are not exactly bed fellows, the EU and Democracy have never even met each other. Read the rest of this entry

By Election in South Shields?

Rumours are flying around of a By Election in David Milliband’s constituency as he stands down to become EU Foreign Minister; the post newly created by the shameful Lisbon Treaty.

Never doubted that Labour would gain personally from not giving us the promised referendum

David Cameron Gives A Clear Policy For Europe

Just announced a clear and decisive policy on Europe

Another outstanding performance from DC

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Up Yours – Gordon Brown Strikes Against Democracy Again


Then great referendum lie is yet another miserable milestone in Gordon Brown’s premiership which will come to an end just short of three dour and disastrous years for Britain.

Already opinions are being voiced that there will be a Referendum on the EU in five years time, the Referendum will be on if we should stay in the EU.

All countries now have a right to leave the EU and given the way the EU forces it’s will on people’s that do not follow the soviet line, we cannot get the hell out of this corrupt socialist state soon enough

Vaclav Klaus Signs Lisbon Treaty

Today Vaclav Klaus has signed the Lisbon Treaty which is now binding on Britain.

We were promised a referendum by Labour, they broke that promise, they lied to us and created the way for the United Socialist Republic of Europe. Brown does not do elections because they might not turn out the way he wants and Dear Leader always knows what is best for us his children. Another step closer to One World Government which will be pushed subliminally during the Copenhagen Climate Change Lie conference next month.

Daniel Hannan has this to say “Very Well, Alone

Tomorrow David Cameron will announce Conservative policy for Europe post Lisbon ratification.

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme – The Real Cost To Britain

By Tory Aardvark


Hidden away in the bureaucracy of the European Union is the Emissions Trading Scheme, a well kept secret from us.

This well kept secret is costing us £3 billion pounds per year, that’s about £117 per household on our energy bills.

When the cost of the trading scheme is added to the Renewables Obligation then the average cost on each eclectricy bill is 14% of the total.

The cost falls disproportionaly on the elderly and business, both large users of electricity, both can ill afford increased costs in the current recession.

For all that, it is pretty ineffective at cutting emissions. Prominent environmentalists and energy companies have called for a floor on the price, as it keeps collapsing. That would bring into question the whole point of the trading scheme. The volatility of the price both makes it that bit harder for families and businesses to manage their budgets and weakens the incentive to invest in cutting emissions.