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The Sun Sets On Britains Solar Subsidy Boondoggle

Britain is to abandon solar subsidies which benefits the rich at the expense of the poor and jobs

At last a small ray of sense has flickered briefly from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) who are now working on a further cut in FeedIn Tariffs (FIT) for solar panel installations.

The Energy Act 2008′s Green taxation to support the solar industry has been described as “one of the most ridiculous schemes ever dreamed up” by Energy Minister Lord Marland, moves to cut the FIT were met with legal action by FoE and solar panel companies who cannot exist with out tax payer funded Green subsidy.

The resultant cut in the FIT to 21.4p per KwH has seen a marked drop in so called Green installations of solar panels, proving once again it was never about the environment, just an opportunity to make what the DECC now describe as “eye watering profits“, with a further cut in Green subsidy on the way,  the whingeing is already starting: Read the rest of this entry

British Wind Farms Political Will Falters

British government quietly shelves plans for more wind farms because of mounting public and political anger over the costs of the Green taxation that wind power needs to survive.

The public anger over the ever rising cost of energy bills due to the Green taxation costs of wind and solar is at last being heard.

At the beginning of February 101 Tory MP’s and some MPs from other political parties wrote to Prime Minster David Cameron complaining about the 15% Green taxation that wind power adds to energy bills.

The departure of Chris Huhne was always going to spell the end of the Greenest Government ever, and while Cameron will never admit that, he like many other politicians was conned by the warming alarmists, the likely political course will be to sweep things quietly under the carpet and move on. Read the rest of this entry

Tony Blair And Gordon Brown Are The Root Cause Of Ever Increasing Energy Bills

The cause of your ever rising energy bills, all so Blair could play the Great I Am on the world stage

Labour’s legacy to Britain has been horrendous, incredible debt from a deliberate scorched earth policy of profligate spending, unfettered immigration to force the disaster that is multiculturalism on Britain and the deliberate destruction of pension schemes to name but three.

The latest sting in the tail to float up from the bottom of the Labour Socialist cesspool is the ever increasing cost of energy,  all brought about so Tony Blair after having his illegal war in Iraq could continue to play the “Great I Am” on the world stage. Read the rest of this entry

Europe Calls Time On Expensive Green Energy

An abandoned Wind Farm in Hawaii, the future for renewables across the world

The truth about the extremely high costs of Green Renewable energy is out, as is the truth that there will never be lasting viable Green jobs and now the Renewables industry is in meltdown.

Britain is cutting the morally wrong Green tax called a Feedin Tariff from December 12th 2011 for solar installations and now other countries are following suit.

Spain was the first economy in Europe to jump on the Green Renewables farce and quickly found that every Green job created cost 2.2 jobs in existing profitable businesses, now it is looking likely that Spain is about to abandon the insanity of prohibitively expensive Green energy Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron And The Green Backlash

The solar industry and WWF whinge about not getting their hands on more tax payers money

David Cameron faces a Green backlash from the cuts of the ludicrously generous (42p per KwH) feed in tariff for solar energy trumpets the independent and various other mouthpieces for Green propaganda.

Described by Climate Minister Greg Barker as morally wrong, the feedin tariffs are due to be cut from December 12th 2011, and not before time with 6 millions households facing energy poverty it is indeed morally wrong to expect every household in the country to provide the funding and risk removal from the economically unviable Renewables Industry.

The backlash apparently consists of 55 individuals and groups with a vested interest in getting their hands on taxpayers money for risk free profits or pushing their Green Marxist agenda, organised by Friends of The Earth and the Cut Dont Kill campaign, it must be said that 55 entities hardly constitutes much of a backlash: Read the rest of this entry

British Climate Minister – “Solar Energy Subsidies Are Morally Wrong”

Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas "Solar has been too successful – that's why tariffs were cut"

The Greenest Government ever has recently slashed the tax subsidies that are paid to the solar industry, in the face of an increasing outcry from tax payers about the spiralling costs of electricity and gas in Britain.

Within seconds of the news breaking, the Green Harpie and Leader of the Green Watermelon Marxists Party, Caroline Lucas was aflame with righteous indignation that the ludicrous subsidies paid to those that can afford solar panel installations are to be significantly reduced. Read the rest of this entry

Britain – Feed In Tarifs Cuts Cause Government To Scrap Its Own Solar Power Project

Britain's Vichy Government forced to cancel its own flagship solar project

Dave and his Greenest Government ever, have scored a truly spectacular own goal with the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s proposed cuts to the feed in tarrif tax payer subsidy that have forced the Vichy Government to cancel its own flag ship Solar Power project.

Being a government project and that the government has no money of its own, it only has tax payers money, the Government was going to waste our money on this project and then use still more of our money from another source, the feed in tariff to make the whole clusterfuck viable.

All the while Dave and Attila the Huhnatic proclaiming loudly what a Green success this was and how cheap the energy produced and forgetting to mention the feed in tarrif. Read the rest of this entry