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EU – Fracking Does Not Need More Regulation

One of the last bastions of Climate Religion, the EU, has in a report said that Fracking does not need more environmental legislation for now, though the situation could be reviewed once fracking becomes a wide spread activity.

This is an interesting shift in policy from the EU,  who  a few months ago were  hell bent on stopping fracking, as usage of reliable affordable energy like Shale Gas, would interfere with the sacred CO2 emissions targets.

Climate Religion is slowly and surreptitiously being abandoned by Governments as the economic  reality of the Green Energy Dream  begins to sink in. Read the rest of this entry

Why Britain Needs Shale Gas

One of the major problems facing industry and households in Britain today is the price of energy, there is a solution to the current very high cost of gas and electricity,  shale gas.

As usual the Green ecomentalists led by Chris Huhne, the minister for Climate Religion and Green subsidies have spread fear stories about fracking, quoted a junk science documentary, Gasland, as the definitive source on the Green perils of fracking.

The resistance to fracking is wholly ideological, nothing else, as cheap gas makes the already economically unviable wind and solar industries who are subsidised to the hilt by Green taxation, subsidy, Feedin Tariff or whatever you want to call it, even more unaffordable. Read the rest of this entry

British Geologists Fracking Is Safe

No evidence in peer-reviewed literature of pollution of water by methane as a result of fracking

When the news of Cuadrillas large find of shale gas near Blackpool broke it was greeted a with an uproar of protest from the Green ecomentalists who immediately saw that shale gas being cheap, affordable and economically viable without Green taxation, would spell the end of the wind and solar renewables scam.

Climate Religion minister Chris Huhne immediately started telling the world that fracking was dangerous and that the definitive source of information on fracking was a tissue of Green extremists lies masquerading as a documentary called Gasland.

Hunhe then fearing a backlash from the Green NGOs, whose approval for all his actions he so desperately seeks then stated that shale gas would be halted as it interferred with the sacred CO2 emissions targets of Climate Religion.

Using the usual mixture of fabricated fear stories and emissions targets the Green ecomentalist Luddites must have thought they had killed shale gas dead, but now 2 British Geologists using peer reviewed science have declared fracking safe: Read the rest of this entry

US Greens Report Lies About Shale Gas

Fracking scares the hell out of the Green ecomentalists so they produced a report that lies about Shale Gas

The Green dream has crashed and burned globally, none of their predictions of environmental holocaust and Armageddon have come true, the planet in blissful ignorance of the predictions of flawed computer models and junk science data manipulation stubbornly refuses to warm and the flag-ship of their dream wind and solar power has proved an economic disaster.

The Green renewables industry works on crony capitalism and Green taxes paid for by consumers, sure they call the Green taxes Feedin Tariffs or other sanitized expressions for tax, but Green taxes are what keeps the economically unviable renewables industry barely afloat.

Shale Gas and fracking have sounded the death knell for expensive renewable energy and now one Green ecomentalist has a produced a report piece of Green propaganda that seeks to prove that Natural Gas is the dirtiest fossil fuel ever: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Feels The Pressure Of Shale Gas

Nothing can interfere with our Carbon Emissions Targets

When the news of the shale gas find near Blackpool broke, the usual suspects of Chris Huhne, Caroline Lucas and the unelected NGO’s were in uproar that a viable, affordable source of energy had been found to rival the approved Green and heavily subsidised renewables that are a corner stone of Climate Religion.

Huhne’s immediate response to the mention of shale gas was to recommend that people see Gasland, a warming alarmist tissue of lies masquerading as a serious unbiased documentary about fracking in the USA.

Just 3 weeks ago Huhne was saying that shale gas exploration would be halted if there were any danger of his sacred Green emissions targets being in danger:

The UK’s “dash for gas” will be halted by the government because if unchecked it would break legally binding targets for carbon dioxide emissions, Chris Huhne, energy and climate change secretary, said on Monday evening. “We will not consent so much gas plant so as to endanger our carbon dioxide goals,” he told a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats party conference in Birmingham.

The Greenest Government ever has developed an interesting tactic with the increasing number of climb-downs on Climate Religion policy, there is a lot of noise about being devoutly Green and then very quietly the policy is abandoned or put on ice: Read the rest of this entry

The War On Affordable Energy – George Osborne vs Chris Huhne

George Osborne will slay the Huhne Dragon

George Osborne’s statement that Britain will not go it alone committing economic and energy security suicide has so far been met with little comment from the warming alarmists, apart from a couple of lack lustre articles from the Guardian about missing Conservative tree huggers, silence is the order of day.

Chris Huhne has been quieter than an eco mouse in the Church of Climatology, as Huhne’s plans for Agricultural Revolution Britain blow away like so much dust in the wind.

Huhne is doubtless plotting some investigation in to how “Big Gas” got at George Osborne, but the reality that Huhne knows all to well is that Osborne will have the final say on shale gas and Huhne’s plans for Green economic suicide: Read the rest of this entry

Green Terror – Britain’s Second Affordable Energy Revolution

Cuadrilla's shale gas drill

Britain is on the verge of a new energy revolution with the announcement by Caudrilla that is sitting on 200 trillion cubic feet of shale gas from just 2 wells drilled near Blackpool in north west England.

In the US shale gas has sent gas prices falling and shale gas will do the same for Britain where the big 6 energy suppliers have recently announced price hikes of between 15% – 20% for gas.

Naturally the thought of cheap, affordable energy has got the watermelon marxists in up in arms, with the Greens and eco menatlists terrified that their heavily tax payer subsidised renewables will lose out, because no  one wants to pay 3p per kWh for gas when they can pay 8p per kWh for land based wind, or 9p per kWh for off shore wind, do they? Read the rest of this entry