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Germany – Green Subsidies Cause Fuel Poverty

Germany 600,000 households have had their power cut off for being unable to pay their energy bills

Germany is counting the cost of its desire to be Green, the €100 billion wasted on solar, the post Fukushima hysteria where for no good reason, but Green hysteria, Germany shutdown their nuclear power stations only to have to bring them back on-line to meet the demand for energy caused by the very cold winter this year.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) have produced a report by Dr Guenter Keil warning of the impending doom to the German economy from the money pit of Green renewable energy.

A German consumer watchdog has found that because of the sudden increases in energy bills caused by the Green taxation that solar and wind need to survive, fuel poverty and fuel debt are becoming serious social issues: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Climate Change Policies Cause Fuel Poverty

Climate Change policies will simultaneously increase bills and depress average household income because of negative effects on our industrial competitiveness

Chris Huhne the Climate Change Minister has repeatedly lied about the costs of Climate Change policies on energy bills claiming that people would be better off in the brave new Green world of bird choppers and unreliable power supplies, when all the time Huhne knew the real costs of his Green Climate Religion, they were after all hidden in the small print of his own Government Departments Report.

The Confederation of British Industry warned of the economic cost of Green Taxes and Feedin tariffs, so did the Manufacturers Association, now the Renewable Energy Foundation has produced a study Energy Policy and Consumer Hardship detailing the impact of Climate Religion Policies on fuel poverty.

In Britain the average wage in the private sector is £25,000 and £29,000 for the Public sector, if you earn less than £25,000 then turning up the heating is probably not an option: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 From Chris Hune The Gift Of Fuel Poverty And Now Food Poverty

Chris Huhne lied about costs of Green Energy on fuel bills now his Green madness will cause Food price rises and more poverty

Chris Huhne the Minister for Energy and Climate Change Greenpeace, WWF and ecomentalist NGO’s will soon be setting out for COP17 in Durban, on a sailing ship to save carbon flying first class like the Champagne Environmentalist hypocrite that he is, to give away £1 billion that Britain does not have,  for a problem that does not exist.

Huhne is to give away £1 billion to help fight climate change in Africa, one of the major beneficiaries will be COP17 hosts South Africa who will receive over £330 million, a country whose economy grew by 2.8% last year, while Britain’s economy struggled at 1.8%.

There are massive spending cuts and poverty in Britain  but as usual the guilt of the rich Green Liberals means there is always money to give away so they can have stature on the world stage, while at the same time making sure they have the approval of the Green and ecomentalist NGO’s whose approval they so crave. Read the rest of this entry

Hear This Chris Huhne – 2700 People Will Die This Winter Because Of Fuel Poverty

2700 people mainly the old and poor will die this winter because of fuel poverty

2700 people will die this winter because of fuel poverty, that is more than lose their lives in traffic accidents in an entire year.

In Britain fuel poverty is defined as spending 10% or more of disposable income on gas and electricity, between 2005 – 2010 the cost of keeping warm in winter has doubled and there are now more than 6 million households in energy poverty.

A report on fuel poverty commissioned by the government found that if just 10% of winter deaths were caused by fuel poverty then 2700 people will die: Read the rest of this entry