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George Bush And Tony Blair Plotted To Stop Gordon Brown Becoming PM

Bush told Blair US cannot work with Gordon Brown

Tony Blair knew it, most of the Labour party and their advisers knew it, even George W Bush knew it: Gordon Brown was not fit for purpose as Chancellor or Prime Minister.

None the less Brown eventually became Prime Minister, no one in Labour had the balls to stand up to him and they were happy to let Brown ruin country while Ed Balls and Milibland brother stayed in power, these are the same spineless tossers that want to lead the Labtard pary.

Whichever one of these pointless fuckwits wins, it is worth remembering that if they could not stand up to a bully like Gordon Brown then what sort of a leader for Britain will they make?

George W Bush has been portrayed as a mindless chimp in the media here, well for the record George W could see from the White House that Brown was going to be a disaster Read the rest of this entry