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Green Defeat – Germany Votes To Keep On Fracking

Fracking? Ja bitte

Fracking? Ja bitte

The inexorable march of shale gas in europe continues, no sooner has Britain given the green light for fracking so the German Parliament has voted by 309 against 259 to continue fracking.

Continue fracking?

But isn’t fracking according to the Greens a new and barely tried technology?

Germany has been fracking since the 1960s, without any of the often predicted Green disasters happening, after 50 years fracking is hardly an emergent technology.

Following the usual global pattern the Green Party and the Left Party tried to ban fracking in Germany: Read the rest of this entry


Angela Merkel Fires Germanys Environment Minister

Norbert Röttgen Germany’s Environment Minister, the first Green political casualty more are bound to follow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has fired her Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen for being Green and believing that renewables can power an industrial economy like Germany.

Merkel is a very astute politician and determined to hang on to power, Germany has often been quoted by the ecomentalists as leading the Green transition disaster in Europe, which is exactly what Merkel wanted people to believe.

The reality is different Merkel wanted to pay political lip service to the Green Dream while in reality, doing as little as possible, so chosing an ardent Green ecomentalist was a rare mistake for Merkel.

This last winter the lights nearly went out in Germany and the outlook for this winter is still far from certain.

German solar has been a huge financial disaster, and new financial regulations make it impossible to invest in off shore wind farms, which leaves the German Green Dream as good as dead. Read the rest of this entry

German Banks & Investors Banned From Investing In Off Shore Wind Farms

Stricter financial rules in Germany now mean that off shore wind farms can no longer be financed by banks

Germany is in a serious mess with its energy supplies, the German government was stupid enough to bow to the hysterical screams of the Green environmental lobby and shut down all its nuclear power stations.

The Greens rejoiced, prematurely as usual, that nasty bunny bothering reliable nuclear power was gone, Germany would be powered by the Green dream of solar and wind power, what could possibly go wrong?

All of it to be precise.

Just about all of the Green renewables dream has gone down the tubes, a glut of solar panels, cheaper competition from China and cuts in the life blood of renewables, Green taxation on energy bills have killed German solar, stone dead.

In the greed driven rush to grab the Green subsidies, the normally efficient and detail obsessed  Germans have built a massive wind farm off Heligoland without any means to connect the wind farm to their national grid.

Tighter fiscal rules in Germany have now killed the off shore wind farm: Read the rest of this entry

Germany – A Country Run By Green Infallible Führers

Wind Farm in the Rhineland Palatinate

Wind farms are becoming universally hated by all but the Green zealots with their sacred carbon targets and the rich landowners who are grabbing billions in Green subsidies across Europe building more and more wind farms.

In a trend sweeping across the industrialised nations ordinary people are protesting in droves about the bird choppers blighting the landscape, the problems of turbine low frequency noise know as Wind Turbine Syndrome and its impact on health and property values, then,  there are the costs of the Green subsidies that push energy bills ever upwards.

Increasingly wind farms are causing friction between real environmentalists and those using environmentalism to obfuscate their Green marxist agrarian agenda.

In the US raptor deaths caused by wind farms are causing Green groups to take legal action to shutdown wind farms to stop the slaughter of protected bird species, wind farms are so divisive they even pit Green against Green.

Now German Greens are learning the hard way, that among their number are Green infallible Führers: Read the rest of this entry

Germany Wants EU To Abandon Green Flying Tax

Pigs have really flown, Germany wants EU to climb down over the Green flying tax

On January 1st 2012 the EU Green flying tax came into being and was immediately greeted with global opposition and every likelihood of a global trade war where the bankrupt EU takes on the rest of the world.

Germany was one of the first countries to start Greening their economy, which has turned out to be the usual Green financial disaster as energy intensive industry is deserting Germany in droves for countries with a more realistic energy policies that are not hamstrung by devotion to Climate Religion.

German Solar has been a €100 billion economic disaster, wind farms have been built with no way to connect to the German electrical grid and a report in January from the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) said that renewable energy was destroying the German economy.

There is no doubt that the mighty German economy is feeling the pressure of the Euro crisis, and most of all, the ever more expensive Green renewable energy bill which is why Germany will slash Green solar subsidies by 30% from March 9th this year, this action is widely regarded by the Green subsidy junkies and ecomentalist NGOs as the death of German solar.

Now the very last thing the German economy needs is a global trade war: Read the rest of this entry

Germany Subsidizes China To Destroy The German Solar Industry

German Solar industry going downhill from crisis to crisis

You could not make it up” is one of those done to death clichés popular with bloggers and journalists alike, yet clichés aside, the latest instalment in the demise of the German Solar industry really does earn the “You could not make it up” cliché.

Imagine if you taxed your industry with a CO2 emissions tax and then used the money raised to start the solar industry in a competing country that will always be able to undercut your own in price and always beat your own country in volume production.

Well Germany did just that thanks to the usual stupid unthought through policies of the Greens,  it is bad enough for Germany that the solar industry has proved to be a €100 billion money pit, but it defies belief to fund the competition who will ultimately put you out of business.

Solar has been a very expensive mistake for  Germany, in Britain solar has so far wasted £7 billion, and it just keeps getting worse day by day for German solar: Read the rest of this entry

Germany – Green Subsidies Cause Fuel Poverty

Germany 600,000 households have had their power cut off for being unable to pay their energy bills

Germany is counting the cost of its desire to be Green, the €100 billion wasted on solar, the post Fukushima hysteria where for no good reason, but Green hysteria, Germany shutdown their nuclear power stations only to have to bring them back on-line to meet the demand for energy caused by the very cold winter this year.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) have produced a report by Dr Guenter Keil warning of the impending doom to the German economy from the money pit of Green renewable energy.

A German consumer watchdog has found that because of the sudden increases in energy bills caused by the Green taxation that solar and wind need to survive, fuel poverty and fuel debt are becoming serious social issues: Read the rest of this entry

Church Of Climatology Collapses In Germany

The Church of Climatology just keeps getting smaller, opinion polls show people are no longer convinced, the lack of warming since 1998, the complete non event of all Green doomsday scenarios where one apocalypse was supposed to follow another,  and all by 2012 have simply not happened and the ever increasing energy bills due to Green taxation for the not fit for purpose renewables, have all taken their toll.

Slowly but surely senior respected figures in the environmental movement are attempting to regroup with Climate Change denial, people like Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore who had this to say about the NGO he helped start ”The organization should at least base its positions on science“.

In Germany Fritz Vahrenholt has long been Green, yet like Moore, Vahrenholt has major reservations about the climate science of the IPCC and the impact on democracy that Climate Religion has.

Dr Vahrenholt has had enough of the junk science and political spin: Read the rest of this entry

Germany – Renewable Energy Is Destroying The Economy

German power grid is incapable of dealing with de-centralised generating stations that renewables are dependent upon

Countries that have gone after the Green Dream of renewable energy are paying the price of buying into the man made  Climate Change scam, Spain has learnt to its cost that the Green taxation that all renewable energy forms like solar and wind are dependent on are a killer for jobs, in Spain’s case every single Green job created has cost 2.2 jobs in conventional industries.

In Germany the story of renewable energy has been the usual sorry tale of failure where the German Solar Industry has turned into a €100 billion money pit, hugely expensive off shore wind farms are being built without any means of connecting them to the grid, an event is that repeated daily with other smaller installations of renewable energy.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) have produced a report by Dr Guenter Keil warning of the impending doom to the German economy caused by the lemming like charge to the Green mirage of affordable renewable energy. Read the rest of this entry

German Wind Farm Fiasco

German offshore wind farm has nothing to connect to

Another story of epic failure from the renewables industry, this time from the normally meticulous Germans who have built a large wind farm 20 miles off the coast of Heligoland, in the North Sea.

Once finished the wind farm will start generating electricity immediately, er no, seems there is no infrastructure in place to connect the wind farm to Germany’s electrical grid, and there will not be for at least 12 months.

It gets better soon the area will be full of diesel fumes as fossil fuel powered generators will be used to keep the turbines, turning: Read the rest of this entry