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COP17 – Occupy Durban Or Give Us Your Money

Iconic warming alarmist photograph from COP15 to draw attention to the alleged fact that the Maldives were at real risk from rising sea levels

One of the major driving forces behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam is wealth redistribution and who controls the gathering and distribution of that wealth.

Up for grabs, assuming the UN can find any country or business to put money into it, is the US $100 billion Climate Fund to mitigate the non existent impact of man made climate change; no one is falling over themselves to contribute dollar one but already there is deadlock over who would control this fund. Developing nations for some reason want  the worlds most corrupt organisation, the UN to control the fund, other nations the World Bank.

Now the developing nations are standing with their hands out for our money: Read the rest of this entry

COP16 – Now Brazil Wants All Our Money

Izabella Teixeira rich nations must work for climate scam deal or just give us your money

The COP16 run up is well under way with demands for all our money from Brazil this time with from IzabellaTeixeira the Brazilian Environment Minister.

In an interview with the Guardian before this week’s preparatory ministers’ meetings in CancĂșn, Teixeira said negotiators needed to show they can produce concrete agreements to restore faith in the international talks for a global climate deal.

Western nations need to feel guilty, you can absolve yourself of this guilt by giving us all your money Read the rest of this entry