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Glacial Fraud – How The Warmists Show Glacial Melt

How to pretend Climate Change has caused glacial melt - Start with a picture taken in 1940

Full credit for this must go Steve Goddard at for catching the warming alarmists cherry picking again anything to keep their dying Climate Religion alive.

How to pretend Climate Change has caused glacial melt - Next a picture taken in 2004

Conclusion glacier melted due to the warming that the Greens are always on about.

Then again: Read the rest of this entry

Global Warming A Scam In Decline

The Church of Climatology really needs Michael E Mann to step forward and produce another graph to hide the decline, this time not to produce massaged data to hide the Middle Age Warming Period, but to hide the decline in the ever dwindling scam of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The only victor at Durban was Big Oil and then Canada Abandoned Kyoto just one day after those that love the planet leapt into their limos and headed for their private jets at the airport: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change – IPCC Caught Out Again With Greenpeace Lead Author

IPCC SRREN Report 2011 - Lead Author employed by Greenpeace

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has been caught out again using environmental propagandists as lead authors on its warming alarmist lies key reports.

The latest comedy fantasy work from IPCC/Greenpeace claims that renewable energy sources could provide 77% of the world’s energy needs, by 2050.

Impressive if true, but as usual hidden away in the small print is the proviso that world energy consumption would have to decline 40% in real terms, the report was released in May 2011, the supporting documents June 2011, sufficiently late enough to ensure that all would be remembered is the 77% renewables lie. Read the rest of this entry

About Those Glaciers, What They Are Not Shrinking?

The Climate of Fear was wrong, the Himalayan Glaciers are advancing

The deeply flawed junk science report from the IPCC in 2007 predicted doom and gloom, gave rise to what became known as Glaciergate and has been proved wrong again by a new study that shows that the Himalayan glaciers are getting bigger, not smaller.

Meanwhile in Greenland, the Guardian are doing a lack lustre attempt at damage control, as previous fear texts from the Church of Climatology predicted the Greenland ice sheet slipping in to the sea Read the rest of this entry

BBC Told To End Bias On Climate Change


BBC told to stop bias on scientific reporting


The only way to stop the BBC promoting the great Global Warming Scam is to scrap the licence fee, and then see who wants to pay for the politically correct, socialist warming alarmist agenda that the BBC broadcast.

A BBC reporter Paul Hudson, had the Climategate emails weeks before they actually hit the blogosphere but sought to suppress them in order to protect the AGW lie, which the BBC then followed by some lack lustre reporting on Glaciergate in a further attempt to censor news that did not match the BBC’s political agenda.

In the last two weeks there has been no mention on the BBC of the 10:10 exploding children, the resignation of Professor Hal Lewis or how Democrats are distancing themselves from the Climate Religion policies of Obama.

If the BBC were your only source of news you would be forgiven for believing that Climate Change was real, not junk science Read the rest of this entry

Guardian – Climate Action Must Be Rebuilt From The Ground Upwards

The Guardian is still finding it difficult to fully break away from Climate Religion as this article by Ian Katz shows.

Intended to be a “to do” list of what is needed to fill the pews in the Church of Climatology once again, it instead reads like a catalogue of disasters that destroyed man made Climate Change as a credible theory.

What a difference three months makes. Back in November, the world broadly agreed that emissions of carbon dioxide were heating up the planet and that we needed to do something about it, even if we couldn’t agree exactly what. And though we’d had the usual pre-summit rollercoaster ride of dire predictions and naive exhortations (yes, I plead guilty to some of those), even hardheaded types dared to hope that Copenhagen might produce the basis of a global climate treaty.

Now, with climate science under siege and climate politics in disarray, that sounds like the rhetoric of another age. The American commentator Walter Russell Mead recently captured the mood: “The global warming movement as we have known it is dead … basically, Sarah Palin 1, Al Gore zip.” A senior British diplomat compares those trying to secure global action on climate change post-Copenhagen to “small groups wandering in different directions around the battlefield like a beaten army”. A leading scientist offers an equally pithy assessment: “Everybody is completely clueless.”

Not depressed yet? This weekend a BBC poll showed a dramatic fall in the number of people who believe warming is happening; carbon markets have ­tumbled; a Guardian survey of over 30 leading figures involved in climate negotiations found almost none who believed a global deal was possible this year; in Australia a man who described climate change as “absolute crap” could soon be prime minister.

What went wrong? How long have you got: the leak of the “climategate” emails that showed scientists behaving just as tribally as their detractors, the ­Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s great ­glacier meltdown (enough “gates” for now), the abject failure of ­Copenhagen, Obama’s Massachusetts disaster and a bitterly cold winter in much of Europe and the US. Read the rest of this entry

Pachuari Fails To Get Backing Of British Government

Two of the biggest con men in history

More confused and mixed messages from the Labour party and it’s policy of blindly backing the man made Climate Change scam.

At the weekend there was little Eddy Miliband declaring war on Climate Sceptics, the dog eared phrase about the science being beyond discussion was trotted out again along the with the normal messages of fear and doom laced with a little guilt for being a “wealthy” nation.

So what is really strange is why have Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and the Labour Government not backed Rajendra Pachauri head of the IPCC?

The man is a god in the Church of Climatology, a former railway engineer and writer of sof tcore porn novels with absolutely no scientific qualifications what so ever, his words have been hailed as messianic, every pontification fawned over and hailed as the Gospel truth.

Aardvark’s best guess is that the warming alarmists are regrouping and certain members of the Church of Climatology are due for enforced martyrdom, Rajendra Pachauri being one of them followed shortly by Phil Jones and Michael Mann.

Rajendra Pachauri, who has faced criticism as chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change following allegations of inaccurate statements in panel reports, suffered a fresh blow last night when he failed to get the backing of the British government.

A senior government official reiterated Pachauri’s position but stopped short of expressing confidence in him. “The position is that he is the chair and he has indicated that mistakes were made,” the climate change official said. “There is no vacancy at this stage, so there is no issue at this stage.”

A claim made by the IPCC that climate change was melting glaciers in the European Alps, the Andes and Africa was reported by the Sunday Telegraph yesterday to be based on a student dissertation and a climbing magazine article, not scientific journal papers.

The Guardian seems a little cooler than usual towards Pachuari could this be another indication that Pachuari’s clock has started ticking?

More importantly how will Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband spin a change at the IPCC, asuming that Pachuari does not outlast Brown and Miliband and their impeding departure from Office.

Climategate – Pachuari Has Chauffer Driven Car For 1 Mile Drive To Office

In an outstanding display of the one rule for us and another for them philosphy of the global warming eco mentalists, IPCC Glaciergate supremo Dr Rajendra Pachauri is in the news once again this time for not using one of the 4 electric cars at his disposal. Instead our favourite railway engineer opts for a chauffeur driven Toyota Corolla, with of all things a petrol engine. Holy Environmental holocaust Batman!

Lies and hypocrisy always go hand in hand. Hat tip to the Daily Mail.

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Climategate – Best New Revelations For January 27th 2010

Pachauri railroading Man Made Climate Change

Gordon Brown said “The science is setteled, beyond discussion we have 50 days to save the world ” his science Tsar Professor John Beddington says “There is fundamental uncertainty in climate change“.

The impact of global warming has been exaggerated by some scientists and there is an urgent need for more honest disclosure of the uncertainty of predictions about the rate of climate change, according to the Government’s chief scientific adviser.

John Beddington was speaking to The Times in the wake of an admission by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that it grossly overstated the rate at which Himalayan glaciers were receding.

Professor Beddington said that climate scientists should be less hostile to sceptics who questioned man-made global warming. He condemned scientists who refused to publish the data underpinning their reports. More in The Times

12 more glaciers that haven’t heard the news about global warming:

The glaciers are melting! The glaciers are melting! The glaciers are…uhhhhh…never mind.

Turns out the IPCC’s chicken little story that all the Himalayan glaciers are melting is just another exaggeration. Or fraud. Take your choice. You know, like the stats coming out of East Anglia CRU. And its claim that Antarctica is melting. And that Greenland’s ice cap is melting. And that sea levels are rising. And that the polar bears are dying. Fact is, some glaciers are retreating, but many others around the world are growing.

“But how is that possible? How can glaciers be growing when the world is warming up like a package of Jiffy-Pop in a microwave?”

Here are a dozen glaciers (or groups of glaciers) around the world that are growing almost as quickly as global warming skepticism. Hat tip to I Hate The Media

Discredited IPCC Also Reveals Media’s Malpractice:

At his BBC blog Andrew Neil lays out the itemized fraud from the 2007 UN IPCC report that has been rolling out in recent days, previously reported by the BBC and other formerly mainstream media as “sound” and “consensus” science. So many “Gates,” and so many discredited reporters:

Yep, this is the “scientific consensus” that Al Gore based his post-VP life upon; the imagined groundswell that so many politicians used to justify government growth; the nonexistent evidence that journalists cited to justify their alarmism activism. It’s the two words that every global warmist (whether lying or deceived themselves) threw in the face of skeptics in an attempt to intimidate. Didn’t work! American Spectator

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Climategate – The Guardian on Glaciergate

More Climate Religion from the Guardian:Glaciergate was a blunder, but it’s the sceptics who dissemble

Dissemble: to give a false or misleading appearance to; conceal the truth or real nature of, no Aardvark had no idea what dissemble meant, anyway what’s wrong with obfuscate?

More last ditch attempts to save man made Climate Change by making out that the IPCC’s bare faced lie mistake has only delayed the inevitable glacial Armageddon; right from the outset the article is both wrong and misleading:

Last week, UN climate researchers admitted they had grossly overestimated the chances that the Himalayas’ glaciers would soon disappear as a result of global warming“.

No, there was no estimation ever made, an Indian scientist who is low down in the food chain made a remark that was reported in New Warmist Scientist, this was subsequently reported by the WWF and included as a high probability event.

Then 6 paragraphs further down:

Certainly, Glaciergate, as the incident has inevitably been dubbed, is an embarrassment for climate science and can be traced to a study by the environmental lobby group WWF which, in turn, was based on a single remark about the perilous state of Himalayan glaciers that had been made by Indian scientist Syed Hasnain.

Bit of a contradiction there, so was it an estimate paragraph 1 or just another case of fudged data paragraph 7?

Not every scientist agrees. We should not be blinded by a single error, on one page of one volume of a mammoth three-volume report, they argue. And don’t forget that this mistake was highlighted not by deniers but by scientists themselves. Glaciergate actually shows we can police ourselves, say researchers. And while the glacier claims exaggerate the impact of climate change, other parts of the 2007 IPCC report clearly underplay the risks. “We should also remember the overwhelming evidence still shows global warming is real and manmade,” adds Bob Ward, policy director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change. “Arctic ice sheets are shrinking and droughts are spreading while nine of the last 10 years have been the hottest on record. Only rising emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can explain that.”

What about the Middle Ages Warming Period, it was hotter 1000 years ago than it is today, the Guardian are still ignoring the recent report that states the Greenland and Antarctica’s ice sheets are not melting, they are in fact increasing. What the apology by the railway engineer was all about was an attempt to use an apology to erase Climategate and continue with business as usual.

Deniers insist this scenario is unrealistic. But how unrealistic? Can they demonstrate – with the same confidence and transparency employed by scientists working for the IPCC – that the danger of doing nothing is negligible and that greenhouse gases pose no risk to the planet? Could their arguments withstand the same rigorous examination that took place during Glaciergate? The answer to these questions is a straightforward “no”. At no time have deniers ever put together a case Read the rest of this entry