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The Price Of Standing Up To Warming Alarmists – Update

The Thompsons Farm under siege by the Department of Environment and Conservation

Back in September Aardvark blogged about the plight of the Thompson family in Western Australia as the Gauleiter for Climate Change and The Rhineland set about destroying the Thompson’s farm because Matt Thompson dared to speak out against the man made global warming scam.

The latest news is that the Thompsons are still there, under siege but still on their farm.

Jo Nova takes up the story Read the rest of this entry

Ed Miliband Still Peddling Climate Change Snake Oil

Ed doing Gordon Browns bidding and trying to sell snake oil at COP15

Labour leadership contender Ed Miliband is still trying to get the wealth redistribution scheme Climate Change scam restarted after the COP 15 Copenhagen fiasco.

Just weeks before the General Election Ed Miliband was trying to get the whole AGW circus going again and tie which ever party won to the Church of Climatology for ever.

Gordon Brown might thankfully be gone, but his understudy is even more zealous than Brown and might just become the new Labour Party leader, fingers crossed. Read the rest of this entry

Global Warming Has A New Name

It’s almost predictable which desperate measure the warming alarmists will turn to next, in their efforts to keep the scam alive, and changing the name of the product you are peddling always allows for a fresh relaunch of the same junk science.

It’s no longer “Global Warming ” it’s now “Global Climate Disruption”, it’s not getting warmer so the alarmists are going for the fact that weather does change due to a huge number of factors and this natural change is now a cause for fear.

The alarmists tried hard with the messages of fear about Global Warming Read the rest of this entry