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Kyoto Protocol, COP17 Durban And The Death Of Climate Religion

Failure to renew the Kyoto Protocol will be the death knell of Climate Religion

The Kyoto Protocol, the prototype document for economic suicide was signed in 1997 and came into force in 2005, since that date Kyoto has failed to live up to the expectations of the environmentalists , as country after country failed to meet their commitments.

The US failed to ratify the agreement, India and China were exempt from the treaty, in reality the world’s top three polluters never took part.

COP17 Durban is destined to fail by the UN’s own admission and with very little chance of an extension or replacement to Kyoto, this is significant smelling of the coffee by the warmists: Read the rest of this entry

James Hansen – Climate Skeptics Are Winning Because They Have Better PR

James Hansen NASA scientist arrested at the Keystone XL pipeline protest

James Hansen credited by some as the father of the bastard child Global Warming has admitted that the warming alarmists have been losing the battle to make everyone terrified of CO2 for several years now.

Never one to miss out on the hysterical sound byte Hansen has made statements such as: “Trains carrying coal to power plants are death trains. Coal fired power plants are factories of death“.

Now Hansen is claiming that the warmists are losing the battle to make people scared because climate realists have better public relations, or so he claims in a briefing to made to the warming alarmist Royal Society in London : Read the rest of this entry

IPCC Lead Author – Al Gore Is Doing A Disservice To Science

Al Gore's Climate Reality Project is a disservice to science

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Reality Goregasm was not the success Gore had hoped for.

Mocked by Climate Skeptics for the junk science and the linking of everything that has ever happened to man made climate change, and greeted with despair by warming alarmists for exactly the same reasons as the skeptics, Gore claims 8.6 millions hits on the Climate Reality web site, but there are significant doubts due to the inconvenient truth of the real hit rate on the site.

Gore is rapidly becoming an serious embarrassment to the warming alarmist industry Read the rest of this entry

The War On Affordable Energy – Chris Huhne’s Green Madness

Nothing will stand in the way of CO2 targets, energy poverty, hypothermia, the death of our senior citizens, nothing I tell you, nothing

This last week has been disastrous for the warming the alarmists in Britain, this is the week that the political consensus on the ManBearPig religion of Al Gore, Chris Huhne and Connie Hedegaard died in Britain.

The never ending energy price rises have been blamed on world fossil fuel prices by Chris Huhne and the renewables energy lobby, the huge tax payer subsidies for renewable energy and the ludicrous feed in tariffs are of course, according to Huhne only adding a small amount to household enerygy bills.

A number of other organisations disagree, including David Cameron’s own advisors and now a survey by a price comparison web site gives the real impact of  Huhne’s Green madness: Read the rest of this entry

Green Subsidy Ended – That’s The End For Carbon Capture And Storage

Scottish Power is to pull the plug on a £1bn Decc project for CCS at Longannet power station

The big question is why?

In these times of austerity and cutback is Chris Huhne’s Department of Energy and Climate Change wasting £1 billion on a pointless carbon capture and storage scheme, when the money could be put to far better use paying off the huge debt that Gordon Brown left this country with.

Last week another project costing £860 million, the Renewable Heat Incentive was fortunately stopped by the EU, the combined cost of these Green initiatives nearly £2 billion.

The main reason for the failure of Longannet is the need for more subsidy from the tax payer: Read the rest of this entry

Britain The Political Consensus On Global Warming Is Dead

No longer believed by Dave because votes are at stake

The Conservative Party Conference this week has been a major turning point in the decline of Climate Religion in Britain, with Chancellor George Osborne talking complete sense about the stupidity of Britain going it alone and committing economic suicide so Britain can lead by the example, in the fight against an inert trace gas that is essential for plant life.

In the cosy world of Climate Religion belief, the Liberal Elite believed that a barrage of fear stories, grey propaganda loyally regurgitated by Main Stream Media and hijacking the IPCC would be sufficient to force their brave new Green world on everyone else, now the Southsea Green bubble has burst, the eco mentalists are hurt, shocked and trying to spin a damage limitation exercise.

So here’s a green keyword count for the prime minister’s speech today at the Conservative party conference: Green: 2. Climate: 0. Environment: 0. Carbon: 0.

Damian Carrington at the Guardian whose dreams of pre Agricultural Revolution Britain where the self appointed Carrington knows best, are in ruins: which does tempt Aardvark to paraphrase Colonel Kilgore “I love the smell of shale gas in the morning, it smells like a victory for common sense over religious dogmaRead the rest of this entry

Global Warming Has Fallen Off The Political Radar

Warmist blog "How The Climate Change Deniers Won"

The first of the influential US warming alarmist blogs is conceding defeat with a post entitled: “How the Climate Change Deniers Won”, they then go on with aid of a diagram to show how common sense prevailed over junk science.

Time and time again the warming alarmists crowed about all the governments of the world believing in their Climate Religion, if this were indeed the case then how could Global Warming have dropped of the political radar?

The problem with warming alarmist facts and figures is they, like the science are founded in fantasy, take for example the 97% consensus lie, in reality 99% of climate scientists disagree with Climate Religion.

Then there were the scary fear stories about environmental holocaust, which failed to scare anyone after the CO2 wolf repeatedly failed to materialise when summoned. Read the rest of this entry

New NASA Data Blows Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

NASA satellite data shows far more heat escapes, faster into space than the Church of Climatology computer models show

The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.

The opening line of an email sent by Kevin Trenberth to Michael E Mann in October 2009 a full year before Climategate broke and the lack of warming has plagued the alarmists ever since.

Now that mostly holy of data sources, NASA has put the whole basis of Climate Religion faith into the meat grinder: Read the rest of this entry

DDT & The Arctic – More Warming Alarmist Hysteria From The Guardian

Polar Bear picture must be Arctic Climate of Fear....again

The last week has seen the resurgence of the Climate of Fear from the Church of Climatology, fear of everything from war caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming, fear that Climate Realists are as big a threat as Hitler was, and now in this latest piece of pure distortion from the Guardian, fear that the supposedly melting polar ice is now definitely releasing banned chemicals like DDT back into the environment.

This post compares 2 different pro AGW sources on the story, when comparing the 2 it is difficult to believe that the Guardian is covering the same story: Read the rest of this entry

Its Politically Incorrect To Interpret Scientific Data That Denies Global Warming

Its Politically Incorrect to acknowledge scientific truth

The latest twist in the death throes of the Warming Alarmist Religion is bizarre to say the very least and more than slightly sinister as it is now Politically Incorrect to interpret or analyze data that disproves denies Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Is has often been said that history is cyclic and this latest twist in the effort to keep the Global Warming Scam alive, harks back to Leonardo Da Vinci and the Catholic Church, a time where Religion denied and suppressed science that went against the teachings of the Catholic Church, much like today where Climate Religion is seeking to do the same for the same corrupt motives that drove the Catholic Church, wealth and power.

Physicists at the CERN Lab in Geneva were ordered not to draw conclusions from yet another study that proves that the Sun, not man, drives Climate Change.

Any conclusion from any study must always have the same answer Climate Change is man made, any conclusion to the contrary is heresy not Politically Correct: Read the rest of this entry