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What Now For Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown appeals to Labours core vote at the General Election

This time last year Gordon Brown was everywhere, trying to force through a deal in Copenhagen to save the world from a non existent threat, leading Al Gore in to broom cupboards and busily screwing this country in to the ground in a scorched earth policy of spend, spend, spend and spend some more.

Then Gordon Brown loses the General Election as the voters showed their enthusiasm for another 5 years of bullying, bigotry and Nokia flinging, even losing the election could still not get the cursed one eyed son of the Manse out of Downing Street.

Then suddenly like a fart blown away by a sudden gust of wind, Gordon was gone, disappeared, dropped off the radar. Read the rest of this entry


Can Anyone Detox The Labour Party Brand

The toxic Gordon Brown made Labour more than ever Hazardous waste

The toxic Gordon Brown make Labour more than ever Hazardous waste

A You Gov survey for Demos shows that 75% of voters now view the Labour Party Brand as toxic, shame they all were not this wise in 1997 or this country would not be in the mess that it now finds itself in.

It gets better, or worse depending upon your point of view with voters viewing the party as out of touch, divided, weak and old fashioned Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Third Worst Prime Minister Since 1945

Gordon Brown reckoned by academics to be the third worst PM

A bunch of Academics has come out and said that Gordon Brown was the third worst PM since the end of the Second World War.

According to a survey of more than one hundred leading academics, reported in the Financial Times (£), only Sir Anthony Eden and Sir Alec Douglas-Home were less impressive.

The academics, all experts in politics and history,

Read the rest of this entry

A Bigot Is Forcibly Removed From Gordon Brown Speech In Sunderland

A Bigot is forcibly removed while Gordon Brown speaks in Sunderland

Gillian Duffy and Bigotgate have probably cured Gordon Brown of any desire to have any form of real contact with public, so today at a specially organised rally of the dwindling band of party faithful Brown was expecting a serious dose of adulation from the lobotomized audience, not the presence of another bigot.

Interrupted mid procrastination by the man in the picture Brown carried on as the Stasi Labour security homed in on the bigot, where after a couple of attempts to remove him, the Labour Rock apes (apologies to all apes for the comparison) then pinned his arms behind his back and frog marched him from the room.

Dear Leader was then able to reply to prepared questions from Party faithful, safe from real people and voters, so he can continue to dwell in his own deluded nirvana for another 5 days.

Lucky for Gillian Duffy she was in an open space, or she too could have received the same violent removal that 82 year old Mr Walter Wolfgang did from the 2005 Labour Party conference.

All in all another day of bad press for Gordon Brown and Labour.

Labour’s New Election Poster For The Bigoted Vote

Hat tip to who ever produced this

Brownfall The UK Election Gaffe To End Them All

Hat tip BrownandBust for the poster.

The curse of Jonah Brown struck again today, this time on Jonah himself.

Totally forgetting that he has a radio mic on Brown gets into the car muttering “What a disaster” and “that woman is bigoted”, and quickly commited the political equivalent of farting in front of the Queen at an Investiture.

Google now has 430,000+  entries for the biggest political gaffe in living memory.

Gillian Duffy had dared to mention immigration to Brown, just a few months ago anyone who dared mention immigration was branded a racist.

Labour claim to have sorted immigration, how can this be when the Labour leader’s, in private and thus real reaction is to call someone a “bigot”? Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Adopts New Election Strategy

Labour led by Gordon Brown is on the verge of a historic defeat as the election looks increasingly a 2 horse race between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems.

The current showing of Gordon Browns “substance” has Labour in third place in the polls and senior Labour leaders are becoming very worried that Labour will replace the Lib Dems as the third party in British politics. The lack of any form of credible leadership after all the failed coup attempts against a deeply unpopular Prime Minister have the done the damage, the only person who can lead Labour is Brown no one else will step up and have a try. There will be many in Labour who will regret their lack of backbone as they begin at least a generation on the opposition benches.

Gordon Brown is to gamble on a last-ditch revamp of Labour’s campaign as he fights to prevent the election becoming a two-horse race between David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

The Prime Minister has decided to adopt a more high-profile role because senior party figures fear that Labour is flirting with an historic defeat. He has covered half as much ground as his rivals and spent much time addressing small groups of Labour sympathisers.

As he spoke, Labour suffered a triple blow on Mr Brown’s chosen topic. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Does Not Know The Difference Between A Pig And Sheep

The man who formed the Government of All Talents (Goats) does not know the difference between pigs and sheep, as was demonstrated on the Labour Party Political Broadcast Piers Morgan show.

Brown claimed to have been given a roasted pig as a gift by a Middle Eastern government but which one?

Aardvark was under the impression that all Middle Eastern governments were either Muslim or Jewish neither of which will have anything to do with pigs on religious grounds.

Brown has come in for a good deal of criticism for the statement from various Middle Eastern governments , Downing Street has since confirmed it was a sheep Brown was given.

Aardvark has this advice for Gordon Brown:

Your pigs can easily be identified here are some examples: Harriet Harman, Jacqui Smith, Margaret Beckett, Hazel Blears and your sheep are the ones who ask loaded questions at PMQ’s.

Simple and not one foreign government insulted.

Gordon Brown’s 2010 General Election Pledges

Hat tip to Ollie Cromwell at The Red Rag for this and some other amusing and creative election posters.

Gordon Brown Fails To Bow At The Cenotaph

Brown could learn a lot from the Queen.