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Wind Power Joins Solar Power In Death Spiral

Wind Power now declining as fast as solar power

2009 was the peak year for investments in the Green failure that is renewables, since then there has been a slow but steady decline as populations across the developed world woke up to costs of the Green taxation and crony capitalism that funded the short lived renewables boom.

Since the third successive failure of the UN Climate Synod in November 2011 the rate of decline in the renewables industry has accelerated to the  point where bankruptcies of companies and cutbacks in investment have become an almost daily event.

In Germany the solar industry is all but dead, in Britain the cut in Green taxation for solar power is causing the smart money to get the hell out and in the USA the same trend is happening as other companies follow the pattern set by Solyndra and go bust.

Now Vestas the biggest producer of wind turbines has seen its stock fall 19% after the company downgraded it’s revenue and profit forecast for the second time in 2 months. Read the rest of this entry