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Britain Drops Climate Change Indoctrination For Children Under 14

What the Greens refer to as debate, for that read indoctrination in the fear of CO2,  has been dropped from the National Curriculum for school children under the age of 14.

The teaching of Climate Change in British schools does not paint a pretty picture, Al Gore’s Powerpoint Slide Show aka An Inconvenient Truth was ruled by a High Court Judge to be a political film that contained 9 key scientific errors, and can only be shown with guidance notes to prevent political indoctrination.

Then there were Climate of Fear adverts run by the Department of Energy and Climate Superstition, at the time run by Ed Miliband, which corrupted nursery rhymes Jack and Jill and Rub a Dub Dub into Green fear memes, which  breached the Advertising Standards Authority’s guidelines, unlike the video at the top of this post which strangely did not.

In March 2012 Education Secretary Michael Gove said Climate Change propaganda has no place in British schools which is absolutely correct,  history shows the dangers of indoctrinating children with political ideology, if you need an example think Hitler Youth, or Pol Pot.

Now the latest draft guidelines for teaching in Stages 1 – 3 have no mention of Climate Change in Geography: Read the rest of this entry

Brainwashing Our Children With Politically Correct Green Guilt

Sometimes I wish we didn’t exist” was the response to an interviewer by a 12 year old girl interviewed on Earth Day when questioned about humanity’s impact on the planet Earth.

No surprises to find out that the child was Green washed relentlessly at school to be  politically correct  about the environment and the eugenics agenda, and above all conform to the sheep like consensus that warmists insist is why they are right. Read the rest of this entry