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Each British Wind Farm Job Requires £100,000 Green Subsidy

Every job in Britain's Wind Farm industry is subsidised to the tune of £100,000 every year.

Every job in Britain’s Wind Farm industry is subsidised to the tune of £100,000 every year.

A new analysis of government and industry figures of Britain’s wind industry by the Daily Telegraph has shown yet again that these pointless monuments to Green folly are not only still economically unviable, but also, the Green lie about all the jobs that will be created, is exposed for the naked bare faced lie that it is, as one operator of multiple wind farms admits that wind farms are not labour intensive.

The Great Man Made Global Warming scare was always a political agenda embraced by the left, so it is no surprise to learn that this patently ludicrous system of Green subsidy known as Renewables Obligation was the brain child of Britain’s worst Prime Minister in 200 years, Gordon Brown and his then Green sock puppet Ed Miliband.

The Renewables Obligation is added to energy bills and paid for by every household and employer in the country, forcing families and the most vulnerable into energy poverty, pushing up employers costs and killing jobs, all to support an energy generation system that is intermittent and requires fossil fuel power stations on 24/7 standby for when intermittency strikes. Read the rest of this entry

So What Is A Green Job?

One of the reasons the Greens use to justify the billions in wasted subsidies for wind and solar power is Green jobs, though as usual with the warming alarmists lasting Green jobs, like Anthropogenic Global Warming is just another fiction.

The US House of Representatives concluded in a report that there is no such thing as lasting Green jobs, in fact,  Green jobs because of the huge subsidies they require are a net killer of jobs.

Globally the Green taxation that is renewable energy’s life blood is being cut, as the subsidies are cut  the illusory Green jobs are lost, so  now is the time for the warmists to widen the definition of Green jobs to support their claims that Green will be the economic driver of the future. Read the rest of this entry

The Empty Promise Of Green Jobs

The warming alarmists constantly whine about the huge alleged subsidies that are paid to the oil and gas industry, but as the above chart, from the House Budget Committee shows the subsidies paid to the renewables for wind power are 94 times the subsidy paid for natural gas, similar subsidies are paid in other countries including Britain to make renewables economically viable.

Also repeated across the planet is the great Green jobs mirage lie, it is no surprise that a country like Spain’s economy is in tatters after the Spanish jumped on the Green jobs bandwagon and then found every Green job created, cost 2.2 jobs in conventional industries.

A report by the House Budget Committee concludes that the history of Green jobs is one of universal failure: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne: Make Green Products Fun

Attilla The Huhnatic wants to make Green prodcuts fun, here comes the comedy wind turbine

Is there no new depth that Attila the Huhnatic will not stoop to, in a last desperate attempt to keep his Green religion alive?

It would appear not with latest attempt to repackage the Green turd as “fun and friendly”, the Chinese know about the fun and friendly aspect of Green industries, but then you are not supposed to know there is a downside to anything labelled Green.

Huhne is devastated because the buying public don’t consider the Green properties of their purchases, mainly because they live in the real world, are not on a fat cat Government Ministers salary and are not tripped out on Climate Religion like Huhne.

A disturbing development is the CBI getting in on the Green insanity, one would be forgiven for thinking that the CBI would be pushing to get 2008 Climate Change Act repealed and  lift the £18 billion pound tax on British business, which is there for a non-existent problem. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne “This Green Bank Is Really A Fund”

Huhnes dream of Bank of the Church of Climatology scaled back

Another red letter day in the life of the Aardvark today and just like the last red letter day this one has got a little better as once again another green scheme that idiot Chris Huhne is in charge of, is about to  crash and burn.

Freshly returned from the car crash in Cancun, Huhne’s latest set back is the Green Investment Bank, or rather the lack of size of the bank.

Concerns within the Treasury mean that the Green Investment Bank is more likely to be a fund Read the rest of this entry

Climategate British Diplomats Pray At Church Of Climatology

Giles Paxman (on the right) British Ambassador to Spain

A definite case of the red mist came down when Aardvark picked up a tweet from Giles Paxman, the British Ambassador to Spain regarding wind power and bird choppers.

Giles Paxman is the brother of, Jeremy Paxman BBC’s political heavy weight and king of sarcasm, well al least he was until he met Boris Johnson.

Giles Paxman is really onside for the Warming Alarmist policies of our Vichy Coalition Government, where he is singing from the hymnsheet of Al Gore and The Eton Grocer.

Paxman on the Foreign Office Blog: Read the rest of this entry

More Bad News For Warming Alarmists And More Stupidity From Chris Huhne

Inside Chris Huhnes brain. H/T James Delingpole

Three stories about the warming alarmists from around the world, starting in Britain with The Wind God, Chris Huhne who is bleating on about Green jobs being the answer to Government cuts, because of all the jobs that will be created.

The Spanish were more gullible than most and went straight in to the Green jobs economy, and found to their cost that every Green job created, cost 2 jobs in conventional industries. The evidence is there, almost on our doorstep, yet Chris Huhne ignores the obvious as he follows his belief in wealth redistribution. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Spain And The Great Global Green Jobs Lie

One of the great selling points of the Church of Climatology has been the Green jobs lie: we give all your money away to third world dictators, but it will be all right because you can make more from Green industries and you wont need to feel guilt about this new Green money.

Spain has been quoted by both warming alarmists and non believers as the shining example of the Green economy, and the complete disaster that Green policies bring to an economy. The Spanish economy is suffering collateral damage from the meltdown in Greece so is Spain’s investment in Green jobs going to provide the panacea to Spanish economic woes? Read the rest of this entry