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Why Do Green Environmentalists Oppose Everything

The only fairytale is that CO2 is the main driver of climate, not the sun

Dash for Gas angers campaigners” trumpets the Guardian with the usual righteous indignation because the Green environmental movement is upset.

The Greens naturally oppose anything that is not heavily subsidised politically correct Green renewable energy, never a movement to be confused with real facts, they are programmed to automatically oppose any form of affordable reliable energy.

The extravagant and erroneous statements they make about solar power for example: “There are enough roof tops in Britain for the country to provide its energy needs“; doubtless there is sufficient roof space for this Green wet dream, the problem is that the most significant part of this equation, the big orange ball in the sky does not always shine and is conspicuous by its absence at night.

The same goes for wind farms, which despite getting billions in Green subsidies fail to generate more than 3.3% of Britain’s electricity needs and suffer from the problems of no wind, too much wind and not very often being able to generate sufficient power at times of peak demand. Read the rest of this entry