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Green Zealots Oppose Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership

Green groups are opposing a trade deal that would improve commerce between the US and the EU that would cut tarrifs and make doing business easier.

Green groups are opposing a trade deal that would improve commerce between the US and the EU which would cut tariffs and make doing business easier.

There is no doubt the entire global Green movement, sometimes called, no make that frequently called the Church of Climatology, are anti progess, anti prosperity and above all anti people. In the words of one their leading experts, Canadian environmentalists David Suzuki humans are merely maggots infesting the planet. Then there are those Greens that want to exterminate 80% – 90% of the human race to save the planet.

So it is no surprise, no make that boringly predictable that Gaia’s disciples are up in arms about the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is an agreement between the worlds two largest trading blocs, the US and the EU. Talks had stalled but recently have restarted and an agreement between the two trading partners is looking to be on the cards.

So how would the EU benefit from TTIP? Read the rest of this entry


Australian Conservatives Top Priority Is To Kill Gillards Carbon Tax

There will be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead, unless I need the Greens to hang to power, in which case I have just lied.

There will be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead, unless I need the Greens to hang on to power, in which case I have just lied.

Julia Gillard’s Labor regime in Australia is in deep political trouble because Gillard lied to voters, when she was elected Gillard promised she would not implement a carbon tax, a promise she promptly broke.

Gillard is no different from any other politician, it’s all about power, and the way Gillard managed to hang on to power was to do a deal with the Australian Green Party, the price of this deal a Carbon Tax and Gillard reneging on her promise to voters.

The Carbon Tax has been popular with voters, about as popular as a skunk in an elevator, 65% of Australian voters are against it, and despite Gillard offering bribes to business and voters the carbon tax is showing no sign of becoming popular anytime soon.  The Labor party suffered a massive defeat in the March 2012 Queensland elections, and currently polling indicates a similar outcome is very likely  in the Federal Election this coming September. Read the rest of this entry

Britain Falls Out Of Love With The Green Socialist State

Green ecomentalist prediction of London under water due to man made Climate Change

Across the industrialised world the belief in man made Global Warming, Climate Change or whatever the scan has been renamed is falling.

A recent Pew Research Center annual poll in the US has fear of Anthropogenic Global Warming as the 22nd most important priority for voters, out of 22 priorities, people just dont believe the Green lies and junk science anymore.

Climategate is widely believed to be responsible for the loss of faith in Climate Religion, but new Government figures in Britain show that belief in the Green Environmental Holocaust had already started to decline  in the summer of 2009, several months before the Climategate story broke for the first time. Read the rest of this entry

Green Party Leader At Norfolk County Council Defects To Tory Party

Philip Hardy attracted by Tory policies on deficit reduction and National Health Service

The Green Party group on Norfolk County Council are shell shocked by the news that their leader, Philip Hardy has turned his back on Green ecomentalism and joined the Conservative Party.

The Greens won 13 seats in the 2009 council elections and became the third largest party on the Council.

Hardy thinks that the Conservative policies on deficit reduction make sense: Read the rest of this entry

British Climate Minister – “Solar Energy Subsidies Are Morally Wrong”

Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas "Solar has been too successful – that's why tariffs were cut"

The Greenest Government ever has recently slashed the tax subsidies that are paid to the solar industry, in the face of an increasing outcry from tax payers about the spiralling costs of electricity and gas in Britain.

Within seconds of the news breaking, the Green Harpie and Leader of the Green Watermelon Marxists Party, Caroline Lucas was aflame with righteous indignation that the ludicrous subsidies paid to those that can afford solar panel installations are to be significantly reduced. Read the rest of this entry

Green Terror – Britain’s Second Affordable Energy Revolution

Cuadrilla's shale gas drill

Britain is on the verge of a new energy revolution with the announcement by Caudrilla that is sitting on 200 trillion cubic feet of shale gas from just 2 wells drilled near Blackpool in north west England.

In the US shale gas has sent gas prices falling and shale gas will do the same for Britain where the big 6 energy suppliers have recently announced price hikes of between 15% – 20% for gas.

Naturally the thought of cheap, affordable energy has got the watermelon marxists in up in arms, with the Greens and eco menatlists terrified that their heavily tax payer subsidised renewables will lose out, because no  one wants to pay 3p per kWh for gas when they can pay 8p per kWh for land based wind, or 9p per kWh for off shore wind, do they? Read the rest of this entry

Green Party Britain Should Give Up Economic Growth

Caroline Lucas - Developed nations like Britain should give up economic growth

Caroline Lucas, Leader of the Green Party and their one and only MP has been talking to the Guardian about her leader’s speech and her plan for a Green pre Agricultural Revolution marxist Britain.

Among the topics discussed are the end of economic growth for Britain: Read the rest of this entry

Bonfire Of The Green Quangos


Caroline Lucas If its not support for eco terrorists its support for real terrorists


Amongst the really good news about the Bonfire of the Quangos, is even better news as two of Gordon Brown’s Stasi like departments the Renewables Advisory Board and the Renewable Fuels Agency have been abolished.

Caroline Lucas, Britain’s only eco terrorist mentalist MP is deeply upset by this, which means it is a good thing for everyone who lives in the real world.

The death of the Renewables Advisory Board was accompanied by a leaked letter saying its abolition was because “Those bodies that are considered to no longer deliver functions that are a priority … will be wound up

This letter has even been seen by the Guardian. OMG! Read the rest of this entry

If You Eat Meat On Mondays You Will Be Shot

Fuhrer Lucas wants Parliament to provide no meat meals on Mondays

In these days of Coalition Government it is rare to find a voice of dissension against anything green on the Conservative Home site, where they live in fear of Dave forcing them to have a bird chopper on the roof, or worst of all, a visit in person from the Wind God.

So it comes as a bit of surprise to find that Jonathan Isaby is blogging regulalrly to expose the Green Party for what it is, just another Marxist Party determined to force it’s will and vision on the people, and just like Marxism it is based on a erroneous pretext, in this case Anthropogenic Global Warming Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – With AGW Effectively Dead UK Green Party Test Marketing New Eco Scare

There was always going to a replacement bogeyman for the wealth redistributionists, for a brief time ocean acidification became the pretender but under a new trial scare being floated in the UK by the Green Party it’s Oxygen.

At the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference Climate Depot’s Marc Morano had this to say on being awarded the the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award:

Morano highlighted a new “eco-scare” that could fill the void left by the demise of the global warming: a so-called oxygen crisis being floated as a trial balloon in the United Kingdom.

“No joke, the U.K. Green Party test marketing the next eco-scare,” Morano said. “‘There exists a more serious crisis than CO2 – the oxygen levels, human activity has decreased them by one-half.’ This is a test market. They’re trying this out.”

Hat tip to Business and Media Institute for the full story.