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COP17 Third COP Failure In A Row

1 Day one of our predictions of Envionmental Holocaust will come true, honest

COP17 is about to follow in the footsteps of COP16, Cancun and COP15 Copenhagen and achieve absolutely nothing.

The blame game is already starting and the Great Satan is the USA according to the warming alarmists, afterall it would be politically incorrect to blame India, China or Brazil for the third COP failure in a row.

The UN predicted failure for COP17 months ago and they have for once been proved right.

The talk is of reflection phases until 2015,  a growing public lack of confidence in Anthropogenic Global Warming due to the latest batch of Climategate 2.0 emails, add in the financial crisis, the cost of Green taxes and the non happening of any of the predicted doomsday events then most politicians with an eye on a long term career are going to want a reflection phase.

There are many claims made by those attending COP17 about the impending Environmental Holocaust that never happens, so the date slides back a few years and the warming alarmists start with a nice new shiny future date when the CO2 Wolf will appear: Read the rest of this entry

Guardian – Vietnam Shows Us The Green Cost Of Combat

Operation Ranch Hand 1962 - 1971 C123's spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam

It has been sometime since anything has irritated Aardvark as much as this article in the Guardian about the carbon foot print of war, and holding people accountable for environmental damage after a war has ended.

Never missing a chance to resurrect that left wing cause The Vietnam War, the chance to blame those nasty Americans and then linking one left wing cause celebre with another Climate Change, the Guardian has really excelled in living in rose tinted spectacles pixie dust land.

Where best to being such an article if you are an ageing left wing journalist?

Vietnam and Operation Ranch Hand: Read the rest of this entry