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UK Renewables Industry What Happend To Venture Capitalism?

Green industries seem to believe the tax payer should fund their all their Research and Development and then pay rip off prices for their energy

Once upon a time in Britain there was something know as venture capitalism, where private companies and individuals risked their own money to make a profit, then along slithered Climate Religion and venture capitalism was replaced by crony capitalism and tax payer subsidies.

Universally recognised as economically unviable without huge tax payer subsidies, the renewables industry has been onto a good thing, the same bottomless purse of the tax payers money that underwrites the wasteful spending of Government Departments, is via ever increasing energy bills propping up an industry that has no real commercial future.

The Government announced an end to the “Morally wrong” renewables subsidies, now the Solar Energy scam companies are using the tax payer subsidies to initiate legal action against the government in an effort to keep their Climate Religion Junk Science funded gravy train on the tracks: Read the rest of this entry

Green Stealth Tax Will Sentence Millions Of Britons To Fuel Poverty

Steam from a cooling tower, typical warming alarmist picture used to illustrate CO2 emissions which makes about as much sense as the carbon floor price

This absolutely has to be a first, a centre left think tank has criticised a Climate Religion policy warning that the Carbon Floor Price introduced in the 2011 Budget, will cause fuel poverty for tens of thousands of additional homes, do nothing to reduce emissions and could even end up giving Climate Religion policies and taxes a bad name.

Wait one, didn’t Gordon Brown and his pathetic attempt to raise revenue by back dating Vehicle Excise Duty, under the guise of saving the planet already do that?

In 2004 there were 1.4 million households living in energy poverty, energy poverty is defined as spending 10% of your disposable income on heating and light, in 2011 there are 5.5 million households living in energy poverty, and this is before the Climate Religion policies of renewables, the outrageous subsidies that renewable attract and other green taxes are passed on to business, families and the old.

In Britain there are 2 million pensioner households living in fuel poverty: Read the rest of this entry