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Britain – Subsidies For On Shore Wind & Solar Will Be Gone By 2020

Prime Minister David Cameron, has at last woken up to the fact that the whole Green scam is not the vote winner it once was, Dave promised to lead the “Greenest Government Ever” and even went to the Arctic to bother huskies to underline his vision.

But that was 2006 and Climategate had yet to expose the junk scientists pushing the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, so Dave like any other vote seeking politician,  was advised that Britain had become a nation of Greentards, and there were votes in eating tofu, growing a beard, wearing sandals, banging a gong and barking at the moon.

But that was 2006, 2012 is very different time, the junk science of the IPCC Greenpeace and WWF is no longer taken seriously by the majority,   the sham of the Green economy has been exposed and  the world now knows that there  is no such thing as lasting Green jobs.

Spain is a classic example where a socialist led Government jumped on the global warming bandwagon and Greened their economy, the current banking crisis in Spain has been triggered by amongst other things, the eye watering amount of subsidies paid to Spanish wind and solar. Read the rest of this entry

British Wind Farms Are Over Subsidised And Wasteful Of Public Money

British Wind Farms are "over subsidised and wasteful of public money" - PM David Cameron

Finally, at long last the politicians have woken up and smelt the coffee, Green energy and jobs are just an expensive mirage, the public know and now the politicians realise the public know.

Time for a political damage limitation exercise, Cameron and all the other erstwhile believers in Climate Religion will never admit their gullibility in believing the warming alarmists scary lies about Anthropogenic Global Warming, but as politicians they need an exit strategy from the Church of Climatology.

So expect a 50:50 mix of criticism like Cameron’s words at Prime Ministers Question Time which were later followed by the classic there are “perfectly hard-headed reasons” for still building wind farms, expect the “hard headed reasons” to be mentioned less and less as the politicians slither away from the Green Dream. Read the rest of this entry

Germany – Green Subsidies Cause Fuel Poverty

Germany 600,000 households have had their power cut off for being unable to pay their energy bills

Germany is counting the cost of its desire to be Green, the €100 billion wasted on solar, the post Fukushima hysteria where for no good reason, but Green hysteria, Germany shutdown their nuclear power stations only to have to bring them back on-line to meet the demand for energy caused by the very cold winter this year.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) have produced a report by Dr Guenter Keil warning of the impending doom to the German economy from the money pit of Green renewable energy.

A German consumer watchdog has found that because of the sudden increases in energy bills caused by the Green taxation that solar and wind need to survive, fuel poverty and fuel debt are becoming serious social issues: Read the rest of this entry

More Green Failure And Lies In Europe

The truth about the real cost of Green taxation for wind and solar on Britain’s energy bills is out, Green subsidy adds 15% to electricity bills.

The Global Trade War over the EU’s Green flying tax took a step closer to reality this week, and out of  the blue Germany is now cutting subsidies earlier than planned for solar; within 5 years the Green taxation for solar will be no more.

The cost of Green subsidy on Britain’s energy bills has been hotly debated with the Greens maintaining that the cost of subsidy is only £20 per year: Read the rest of this entry

UK Renewables Industry What Happend To Venture Capitalism?

Green industries seem to believe the tax payer should fund their all their Research and Development and then pay rip off prices for their energy

Once upon a time in Britain there was something know as venture capitalism, where private companies and individuals risked their own money to make a profit, then along slithered Climate Religion and venture capitalism was replaced by crony capitalism and tax payer subsidies.

Universally recognised as economically unviable without huge tax payer subsidies, the renewables industry has been onto a good thing, the same bottomless purse of the tax payers money that underwrites the wasteful spending of Government Departments, is via ever increasing energy bills propping up an industry that has no real commercial future.

The Government announced an end to the “Morally wrong” renewables subsidies, now the Solar Energy scam companies are using the tax payer subsidies to initiate legal action against the government in an effort to keep their Climate Religion Junk Science funded gravy train on the tracks: Read the rest of this entry

£860 million Green Subsidy Pulled At The Last Moment

Dept of Energy and Climate Religion have pulled plug on renewable heat at last moment

The Green credentials of Dave’s Greenest Government ever have taken another knock with the news that at the eleventh hour DECC have pulled the plug on a near £1 billion subsidy for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) citing of all things, the European commission as the problem.

It is kind of hard to swallow that the EU so wedded to Green anything would stand in the way of tax payer handouts to the purveyors of Climate Religion approved power sources, the less charitable more optimistic might think the government was starting to slink away from the Global Warming scam.

Now those that have already counted their tax payer funded handouts are angry: Read the rest of this entry

Tory MP Neil Carmichael – The Wind Turbine Hypocrite

Wind farms are only acceptable when I can make money

When is a wind turbine a “monstrosity”?

Answer when there are votes for Neil Carmichael MP to be gained from it.

When is a wind turbine acceptable?

Answer when Neil Carmichael MP can make money from it.

Post the MP’s expenses scandal our “cleaned up” Parliament is supposed to be transparent and our MP’s fit for purpose, yet here we have a man that even by the slime standards of Dave and his Vichy Government is a total slime ball.

A man with a total integrity by-pass who will say one thing for political gain and another for personal financial gain, in this case grasping for tax payer subsidies for renewable energy, while having his salary and expenses paid for by the public purse: Read the rest of this entry