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Czech Government Ends Green Subsidies For Renewables

Czech Government has voted to end Green subsidies for solar from the end of 2013

The Czech Government has voted to end Green subsidies for solar from the end of 2013

The Green collapse continues as the Czech Republic becomes the latest in a long list of countries to cut back, or stop the Green subsidies that are the lifeblood for Green renewable energy.

As usual the overly generous subsidies for renewable energy are pushing the cost of electricity ever upwards, killing jobs and pushing families into energy poverty.

The Czechs were aware back in 2010 that a problem was looming with energy prices and that renewables were going to be the cause: Read the rest of this entry

The Green Decline In Spain And Australia

Spanish Green investors are facing bankruptcy as the government cuts renewable energy subsidies.

Spanish Green investors are facing bankruptcy as the government cuts renewable energy subsidies.

Two new stories from Spain and Australia illustrate the continuing decline of the Man Made Global Warming political agenda and industry, in Spain the government is planning to cut the subsidies paid to renewable energy producers by 10% to 20%, while in Australia, land of the carbon tax Green NGO, The Climate Group is leaving the country because of the “unfavourable” policy environment.

In the early years of the first decade of this century to stave off Global Warming as it was called then, countries like Spain and Portugal followed the Germans and Greened their economies on the German Green subsidy model.

Over a decade later the total economic failure of Green renewable energy has been plain for all to see, a US House of Representatives report concluded that there was no such thing as lasting Green jobs. Green jobs because of the huge subsidies they require kill more jobs in existing industries than they create  in the new Green industries. Read the rest of this entry

Green Fringe Minority Stage Climate Week 2013

Climate Week a chance for warming alarmists to indulge in Green tokenism and gesture politics

Climate Week a chance for warming alarmists to indulge in Green tokenism and gesture politics

It is Climate Week in Britain where 500000 people will attend 3000 events in support of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, or to put it more accurately the public support for action on controlling the climate committing economic suicide is so overwhelming each event attracts an average of just 166 people.

The mission of Climate Week is the usual mix of Green renewable energy can meet all of Britain’s energy needs, and if we lead the way with Green gesture politics then the rest of the world, who to date have walked away from this idea, will suddenly get a massive change of heart and follow our example.

One of the objectives of Climate Week is to reinstate an ambitious, for that read economically disastrous, power sector decarbonisation target for 2030 that some how vanished at the end of 2012, the re-introduction of this target is being actively supported by the Head of the Climate Change Committee crony capitalist and rent seeker Tim Yeo and Labour MP Barry Gardiner. Read the rest of this entry

More Green Subsidies For The Rich – Britain’s Electric Cars

Like all things in the Green world Electric Cars cannot exist without subsidies, tax payers give £5000 to everyone who buys one.

Mention the electric car and depending upon the person you are talking to, the first thing mentioned will either be how Green and tree huggy they are, or range anxiety, the very limited range that current electric vehicles have.

Big Green has pushed the Electric Vehicle (EV) as the way forward because EV’s have zero CO2 emissions, according to the warmists.

Lets examine this claim of zero CO2 emissions, which is not actually possible because the CO2 footprint of a vehicle is manufacture, use and destruction, not just driving the charged car which is what the warmist claims are based on.

Then there is the inconvenient truth of how the electricity that charges the battery is generated, if the power station is powered by fossil fuels then under warmist rules the electric car has caused CO2 emissions, the fact is that in environmental terms EVs are no cleaner than the current generation of modern diesel cars.

Now the House of Commons Transport Select Committee has warned that EVs, just like wind turbines, benefit the rich as ordinary tax payers subsidise the Green Dream, again: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – The Cash Machine That Keeps Paying Out

Wind and solar energy cannot exist without the lifeblood of subsidy,  or Green taxation to call it by the correct name.

The subsidies paid to wind farm operators are ludicrous at best, not only are the subsidies inflation linked, but this is the real stupidity, wind farm operators are also paid to not generate electricity, typically because there is no demand for the electricity the wind farms are generating.

The sums of money available to a wind turbine operator over a 20 year period are astronomical: Read the rest of this entry

Spain To Tax Renewable Energy

Spain to tax renewable energy which is likely to wipe out 75% of the country’s uneconomic wind and solar farms

Spain is another Euro zone economy in dire financial trouble, where the Government is pursuing austerity measures to try and regain control of the country’s spending.

The problems facing Spain are due in part to the Greening of the Spanish economy by the previous Socialist government, this has proved to the traditional socialist economic blunder with every Green job wiping out 2.2 jobs in conventional industries.

As the economic reality of the costs of Green subsidy hit home to the new Spanish Government, they decided, in January this year, to cut all Green subsidies for new renewables projects, a move that has effectively killed Green energy in Spain.

As usual the uneconomic wind and solar industries were being kept alive by Green subsidy, costing €7 billion a year and increasing the tariff deficit by €3 billion a year, in other words totally unaffordable. Read the rest of this entry

Britain’s Green Rollback – On Shore Wind

A sort of end is in sight to bird choppers blighting landscapes in Britain.

Sooner or later in politics it is always the fault of the previous government as to why a policy is not working, which normally means the tax paying public hate the policy in question, which in this case is the global warming fear industry and the symbol of the Green agrarian society, the wind turbine.

Politicians were quick to jump on the global warming band wagon as it looked to be a vote winner in 2006, now 6 years down the road, 2 Climategates later, and the complete failure of a single fear prediction to materialise has left politicians wondering how to jump off, before the whole AGW scam collapses completely.

Time to resort to the time honoured, it was the previous governments fault: Read the rest of this entry

Solar – Germany’s €100 Billion Money Pit

German solar farms and homeowners with solar panels received €8 billion ($10.2 billion) in subsidies in 2011 and generated just 3% of Germany’s energy needs

The solar industry is in global decline and nowhere more so than Germany where in the closing days of 2011 Solon, who were Germany’s first photovoltaic producer have filed for insolvency with debts of 275 million euros.

BP has pulled out of solar, in the US Solyndra went bankrupt and there are 11 further renewables companies in the US, all going the same was as Solyndra, down the tubes.

As governments across the world cut the Green taxes that allowed these uneconomic industries like wind and solar to survive, so renewables have died. Read the rest of this entry

Japanese Government Halts Subsidies For Wind Farms

The Divine Wind of Green subsidy has ceased to blow in Japan

The global decline in prohibitively expensive Green renewable energy continues with the news that the Japanese Government is putting a stop to the Green taxation that allowed wind farms to exist in Japan.

In the last 12 months just 33 bird choppers have been added to the Japanese grid: Read the rest of this entry