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Czech Government Ends Green Subsidies For Renewables

Czech Government has voted to end Green subsidies for solar from the end of 2013

The Czech Government has voted to end Green subsidies for solar from the end of 2013

The Green collapse continues as the Czech Republic becomes the latest in a long list of countries to cut back, or stop the Green subsidies that are the lifeblood for Green renewable energy.

As usual the overly generous subsidies for renewable energy are pushing the cost of electricity ever upwards, killing jobs and pushing families into energy poverty.

The Czechs were aware back in 2010 that a problem was looming with energy prices and that renewables were going to be the cause: Read the rest of this entry

Britain – The Real Cost Of Cameron And Huhne’s Green Policies

Leaked EU report - electricity price rises for next 20 years because of renewables

Yesterday Cameron and Huhne stage managed a summit with the big 6 energy companies as the fall guys for the recent massive increases in the costs of gas and electricity, the increased costs were of course nothing to do with the Green taxes and other carbon taxing lunacy.

Huhne took time off from telling consumers they were lazy in not switching tariffs to say that the cost of Green policies to families was only £20 a year, when most estimates from a range of sources put the real cost at £100 a year minimum.

Business have warned the government of the costs of Green policies again, and again, with the exception of Chancellor George Osborne these pleas from business have fallen on deaf ears.

The future for energy costs and the financial outlook for Britain is grim, and the more wind farms there are the worse it will get: Read the rest of this entry

World Economic Forum Edward Markey Predicts Comprehensive US Climate Bill By End Of 2010

More Church of Climatology business as usual from Democratic Congressman Edward Markey:

Davos-Klosters Switzerland, 29 January 2010 − US Congressman Edward Markey told the World Economic Forum that President Obama has committed himself to passing climate legislation and that he fully expects the Senate and House of Representatives to produce a bill for President Obama to sign by the end of the year.

Markey said: “The reason that I believe that will happen is that it is in our national security and long-term economic interests.” A large part of the US deficit, Markey added, results from importing oil from countries to which the United States should not be sending its capital.

Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts who co-authored a 946-page clean energy bill with Representative Henry Waxman (D-California), said that a Republican coalition is working with the White House to produce the final bill. He added that if Congress cannot arrive at a comprehensive energy bill, President Obama has the executive authority to regulate greenhouse gases without legislation. “If we have legislation, it allows us to moderate the impact on consumers and industry,” Markey said.

Business as usual for the warming alarmists.

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Climategate – The Mayhem The Warmists Want To Bring Down On Us All

What mayhem they have brought down on the world? asks the Heliogenic Climate Change Blog

“I can’t be the only person who wondered if sincere dupes of this nonsense, from the Prince of Wales to Elizabeth May, have the remotest idea of what mayhem they have brought down on the world. At least Al Gore has made a lot of money from it. Indeed, it must be said that this unlikely man has had the greatest revenge of anyone ever wrongfully deprived of the U.S. presidency, except perhaps Richard Nixon. Gore has grown rich, eminent, won a Nobel Prize, completely disrupted the world and turned international relations into a gigantic slap-stick farce. The absence of evidence that global warming is actually occurring, and that human activity affects the world’s temperature at all, was scarcely mentioned [at Dopenhagen]. The real result, however, is the pledged objective of not permitting the world’s temperature to increase more than two centigrade degrees by 2050. Since it has only risen one degree in the last 35 years, and not at all in the last ten, this should be safe enough. The heads of government fellowship will pat itself hydraulically on the head and back, and money will be handed over to the toads of despotism when pigs fly and shrimps sing.

This must be the supreme coruscation of what Malcolm Muggeridge christened the “great liberal death-wish;” a canard about a fraud, invoked to impoverish the world’s advanced countries in favour of its most rancid despotisms, which have already squandered and embezzled a trillion dollars of Western aid; all for a nonsensical purpose, solemnly agreed to, and then ignored.”

What a dismal decade

Physicist Luboš Motl of The Reference Frame demonstrates how easy it is to show that there is: No statistically significant warming since 1995 hat tip to Whats Up With That.

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Climate Change – The Majority Of British Voters Are Non Convinced

Ìn a poll for The Times on Climate Change less than half of the population believe the Climate Change Lie. Millions have been spent, science doctored or inconvenient truths obfuscated as the social engineering evangelists, the self appointed dictators who seek to make us live in their Utopia have tried to convince us of their flawed and ever increasingly discredited theory.


To the credit of the people of this country the majority have not been fooled.

The Times poll found:

41% believe the science behind the Climate Change Lie

32% dont believe the science

8% believe it’s just eco-mentalist propaganda

15% dont believe the planet is warming

Widespread scepticism on climate change undermines Copenhagen summit more from The Times

Climate Change is the ideal growth area for Socialist taxation, Read the rest of this entry

The Great Climate Change Lie – Now We Have To Give Up Meat

By Tory Aardvark

Last week we had the Prime Mentalist going on about how there are only 50 days left to save the world from the great climate change lie.

Yesterday another bunch of social engineering control freaks were proposing to introduce increased energy taxes on our homes, triple the outrageous fuel duty that we pay and add £3300 to the price of a new car.

Labour Idiots

Shutting this bunch up would save a lot of CO2

The greatest danger free thinking people face today is the Eco Socialism of Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and the European Union. As the great climate change lie unravels they still persist in their vision of a socially engineered world where we live our lives according to their vision of our society.

Climate Change has given the Socialists and quasi-Communists the opportunities for taxation they have always dreamed of.

Climate Change and taxation go hand in hand like bread and butter, anyone who dares speak out against this lie is shouted down and vilified in the same way that anyone who questioned immigration a few years ago was labelled a “racist”.

In the latest bit of hysterical insanity we have to give up eating meat now, because the Politbureau have decided we should all become vegetarians. According to Lord Stern we have to give up meat to save the planet.

The ecomentalists have to be stopped otherwise we have a future of living in cold, dark homes lit by candles, sharing a communal horse and cart, never going more than 5 miles from where we were born and subsisting on a diet of vegetables.

Who wants to live in a pre-industrial revolution Britain where 60-70% of what we earn is taken in tax, and cabinet ministers like Mandelson and Baroness Scotland have the standard of living we all enjoy now and swan around in their Jaguars.

The Great Global Warming Lie

By Tory Aardvark

Climate Change as Global Warming is now being called has become a self perpetuating industry and golden opportunity for the self appointed experts to find a new way to control our lives according to their particular idea as to how we should live.

By attaching the same emotive phraseology as beloved of the multi culturalists and PC brigade, they whip up the same hysteria, as someone who dared speak out against immigration a few years ago.

The Best Car in the World so let;s kill it with Green tax lies

The Best Car in the World so let's kill it with Green tax lies

More and more people across the world are waking up to this giant con for new taxation.

Typical of the Green taxation lie is the Labour Government’s failed Vehicle Excise Duty tax, this was ground breaking in that it attempted to set the precident of back dating taxes, in this case to vehicles registered on or after March 1 2002. Even Greenpeace were against this tax, as giving Green Taxes a bad name. It was not in fact Green based at all, it was just another attempt by the most anti car government in history to rape the motorist again.

The Very Best of British Design and Innovation under threat

The Very Best of British Design and Innovation under threat

Jaguar Land Rover represent the very best of British automotive design and engineering, yet two of our political parties, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are both doing their level best to drive them out of business with the loss of thousands of British workers jobs.

The latest anti car policy and the first of it’s kind in the world is from Liberal Democrat controlled Richmond Borough Council, where the price of your car parking space depends upon the carbon emissions of your car. A spokesman for the AA said “the council’s move was more about stealth tax and less about reducing carbon emissions.” more on that story from the Sky News Website

For the growing band of AGW “Sceptics” the following story is dynamite. And for those who do believe in Al Gore’s highly profitable myth about “Man-Made Global Warming”, it will no doubt feel as comfortable as the rectally inserted suicide bomb that put paid to an Al Qaeda operative earlier this week.” says James Delingpole in The Telegraph

This story is dynamite and confirms what most balanced people with a brain have been thinking for years; it’s a lie to allow the self appointed experts to control our lives even more and conform to their vision of society, which is not necessarily the one we want.

When the time for the General and Local Government Elections comes around in May 2010, we the long suffering motorist need to remind these politicians that us and our cars are not a free ride for unlimited taxtation.