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Climate Realism – Texas Govenor Rick Perry To Run For President

Rick Perry Global Warming "all one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight

Texas Governor Rick Perry has thrown his hat into the ring for the US 2012 Presidential Elections; Rick Perry is a rare politician who has never climbed on the Global Warming Band Wagon, thus he is not tied to the Church of Climatology for reasons of ego, political correctness or a total inability to say he was wrong.

In 2009 Perry said “Al Gore has gone to hell” because of Gore’s belief in Climate Religion.

The news that a climate “sceptic” is standing for President has been greeted with dismay by eco mentalists and the Church of Climatology in both the US and Britain: Read the rest of this entry

USA – Massive Coal Mining Expansion

Obama's regime announces massive increase in coal mining

On Tuesday US Interior Secretary Ken Salazaar announced a huge increase in US coal production, which is likely to increase US CO2 output by 50% which has upset the ecomentalists and promoters of eco terrorism at Read the rest of this entry

The Voilent Rhetoric Of Political Debate – Climate Nazis

Police seacrh the car park at Safeways after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

On January 8th Jared Lee Loughner attended a meeting held by United States Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for her consituents in Tuscon, Arizona.

Lougher came armed and with intent to kill, before he was overpowered 6 people were dead and 14 wounded inclunding Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Almost immediately the lefty liberals started on Twitter blaming the right for the shootings, and of course Sarah Palin was to blame.

Leading the attack on Palin was “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, for those too young to remember, Jane Fonda is the traitorous bitch who when her country was at war with North Vietnam, went to that country and was photographed sitting on an anti aircraft gun sighting it on her own country’s aircraft. Lampost and piano wire is to good for Ms Fonda.

The left have taken this opportunity to try and smear the right, and allege other threatening and violent action for the biggest failed left wing liberal scam of all time, Climate Change Read the rest of this entry

The Promotion Of Eco Terrorism Part 3 –

The warming alarmists and Green eco-mentalists are definitely raising the stakes, in line with Greenpeace and Earth First! efforts to incite people to violence, have gone one better. Hat tip Steve Milloy

The collapse of the cap and trade scam in the US has really got the eco warriors a thinking and asking for ideas from their drones followers Read the rest of this entry