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The Labour Party Just Bitter And Nasty

Labour Councillor Florence Anderson Thatcher should burn in hell

What is it about Labour deputy leaders of the female persuasion that makes them so bitter and nasty?

Everyone of them does the standard Labtard impersonation of a bulldog licking piss off of stinging nettles as an every day facial expression.

The latest Labtard trout faced bat to join in, is the deputy Labour Leader of Sunderland Council Florence Anderson who wants Margaret Thatcher “to burn in hell”.

Just consider the outcry if a Conservative were to say “I hope Gordon Brown drowns in a giant vat of Chicken Shit” Read the rest of this entry

Harriet Harman Labour Attack Bitch

By Tory Aardvark

As Damian McBride is a man and known as one of Labour’s attack dogs, then in line with the prevailing climate of political correctness it would be totally accurate to describe Harriet Harman as Labour’s attack bitch, as she is most definitely female in gender.

Earlier today we reported on the Deputy Labour Leaders smears and lies attack on Shadow Chancellor Geroge Osborne. Harman has subsequently tried to laugh it off as humour, but failed to convince anyone. As they say somewhere a bridge is missing it’s T word

In the latest bit of sad political nastiness Harman is signing recruitment emails for the Labour party which link the Conservatives with the BNP

Please note the link is straight to a Labour website ( so it really is straight from the Harpie’s mouth