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Lib Dem Fall – Attila The Huhnatic Attacks Little Nicky Clegg

Attila the Huhnatic Vs Nick "The Kipper" Clegg

All is not well in the Lib Dem party, with their popularity at all time low the knives are fast being sharpened prior to being (methaporically) shoved in to Nick Clegg’s back.

Nick “The Kipper” Clegg being famous for being two faced and gutless is as much an electoral liability as Gordon Brown was to Labour and is being kept away from the public gaze prior to the Local Council Elections on May 5th.

Attila the Huhnatic who was a close second to Clegg in the Lib Dem Leadership contest is reckoned to be positiong himself to oust Clegg as Lib Dem Party Leader Read the rest of this entry